Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ally's First Day of School!

I wasn't quite sure how this day was going to go...Ally has been up at her "school" for a week now, for my workdays, preparing for the first day. But she has been either in the nursery or with me, working around the church. She has not been to class, or had any experience with her new room and teacher.
To my delight, she was VERY eager this morning! Ally insisted on carrying her "pack-pack" and "wunchbox", she wanted to haul them all the way in-did not let me help her hang them on her hook, and hardly looked back when she walked through the door! After a few quick pictues, she did ask for a hug and kiss, and then turned around and never looked back! I was so proud of her-and thank goodness I had lots of work to get to and didn't have time to mull on yet another transition.
Such a big girl! She did have some trouble leaving music class in the afternoon. She was very excited to see that I was the teacher, but not at all happy that she had to leave me again. There were some tears, but I was told that they soon dried, and it was only 45 more minutes before we were through for the day. Such a long day for my usually early napper. This is going to be a tough transition, but she's off to a good start!
Some pictures from Ally's first day:

Getting ready with Big Sister.

Showing off her new "pack pack".

Off on her own.

Going to class.