Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Full of Love

The girls were playing with stickers and Ally made a story. I asked her what it was about and this is what I got:

"Well, today is a beautiful day. I just looove today. And I love my Uncle Eddie and my Uncle Shawn. And it is very nice to meet you. And it is very cool, and so are you. I am veeerrry important. And I love Daddy too. And I love Grammy, and Nana and Pops too. We are going to Nana and Pops' house, and it is great. It is a wonderful day. I think everyone is going to be excited! I love Grandmama and Granddaddy and everybody too. The sun is very purple, and it is cool. It is verrry cool and I love everything and it is very beautiful, and waaaait a minute! The end!"

She'll do this every now and then when "reading" a book, or card, etc. Just starts talking jibberish. But she is super serious about it, and will not stop or pause until she's good and ready! I'm sure I didn't get half of this right. I tried to run back here mid-story to catch some of it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What If?

...overheard today from Miss E to Miss A:

"What if you were a tiny ant and someone squished you? How would you feel?"

She also broke down in sobs one day last week when I smushed a spider hanging from my visor in the car. Eek!
Her exact words: "That is what's wrong with our world, Mama! Too many people kill our innocent insects instead of letting them live in their natural habitat!"

I told her,
1. A spider is an arachnid, not an insect. (correction not appreciated at the time)
2. My car is not the spider's natural habitat.
3. Next time I would let her hold it until we could stop and set it free.

Yah, right.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Week in Review

Hey, at least I'm bloggin', right?? Here's a quickee to catch up some.
Mon, Nov. 3-Miss A and I started off with a quick conference with E's teacher. All good reports. I was told she is quiet in class (at this point I made sure she was talking about MY kiddo) and a hard worker. That she's way above level with reading and will soon be tested for the accelerated math program. And that she will be starting soon in a writing enrichment class. Good to hear. I bugged the teach a bit more about how I can stay informed on what they're covering in class. Still not clear on that one, but we shall see. Would it be too much to ask for a copy of weekly lesson plans? :)
Moving on.
We left there and dropped some things off at the library then went to meet our friends at a favorite park. Ms. J read a book about Elmer the Elephant then the kids did an Elmer craft. We had fun with it, then hit the hills! Ha! This park has a fun hill to climb and hike. It has become a tradition now to run the hills for the kids. If the moms were smart (or not so lazy...) we would join them! :)
Once we wrangled the kids back in we played a round of red light/green light, using the Spanish color names, then a round of duck duck goose. There's a pick in my slideshow of Miss A chasing a little Miss J...this was part of our duck duck goose game. :) Miss J "goosed" my little A, then headed for the hills! Hee-we're still learning this one. We ended with a game of freeze tag then had more play time at the park. Miss A and I picked up a drink and a snack and surprised Miss E by picking her up at school. We hit a different park from there and hung out some. It was a beautiful afternoon.
Wed, Nov. 5-this was an early release day for Miss E so I let her choose somewhere to go after school. She choose Radijazz and off we went! We pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was fun. I think this was the first time Miss A got into the jumping into the volcano since she was a little bitty thing. She loved it! The girls also did the tunnels over and over and ran hard. We did some grocery shopping at Walmart afterwards with promises of a milkshake if they made it there awake. We made it-Whew! Little A is a terror lately to get to bed if she gets the slightest nap!
Fri, Nov. 7-Lil' J and his Mommy picked us up to head to another favorite spot. Another beautiful day! We are completely spoiled right now with this gorgeous weather! Miss A found courage today to climb to the top of the net/wall thingy. She was so proud!
Sat, Nov. 8-Miss E was all about making and icing cookies today. She found a decorating set in the pantry from long ago, so we HAd to use it! I pulled out my fancy tools I got from their Uncle Shawn last Cmas and we went to town! Made a BIG mess, used LOTS of frosting, and had a blast with it!
Another busy week ahead-I'll TRY to keep up. I still haven't posted anything on Halloween! Sigh.

Enjoy the show!


No pic today, but we went with a "G" food or green food theme. :) We had grapes, goldfish and one green gumdrop. Then some honeydew, kiwi and avocado.
Of course Miss E ate it up. She has been a great eater from birth and will always try new things (though nothing new in today's tin for her)
Miss A actually ate one bite of kiwi! Yay! AND a couple bites of honeydew! I was SO proud of her. She has been a TERRIBLE eater from birth. I remember taking weeks off at a time from baby food because she wouldn't even open up for the stuff. She's big on textures. Doesn't like to try different or new things. I finally have coaxed her to "take a lick" on new foods. This is how we got the kiwi in. Hey, baby steps, right!?

Monday, November 3, 2008

New IQs

I haven't added any of these in a while, though we always have plenty of them...

Miss E piped up from a quiet breakfast early this morning:

"Hmm...I wonder if McCain is still in the lead...?"


And Miss A when I guess I said or did something too loudly after bedtime last night:

"Mama, if I hear one more word....!"


Sunday, November 2, 2008

SeaWorld, Round 1

I absolutely cannot imagine doing this park (or any for that matter) with two small children in one day. It would completely stress me out! Nana and Pops gave Miss A (and the rest of us an early gift) a SeaWorld season pass for her bday last weekend. We drove down last Sunday to check it out.
We had tons of fun, and didn't even scratch the surface of things to do and see at the park. We only saw two shows, and a few rides, with the coral reef aquarium, the penguins and dolphins in between. It was so, so nice to be able to take our time and know that we didn't have to rush because we only had one day.
And actually, that would have to be our quote of the day, courtesy Miss E:
"I can't believe we can come back whenever we want!!"
Enjoy the show!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Miss A's Big Day!

If I don't blog this soon, I'll forget it all together, and it's already pretty much a blur! I don't know exactly why I was such a least not specifically.
The morning started out well enough. We all had French Toast and strawberries for breakfast. I did have a fleeting question of, "should I be sitting here right now enjoying a leisurely breakfast when I have x,y,z and a-g that I should be doing??"!
That question was quickly answered!!!

While Jason got busy with mowing, etc. I began tying up loose ends around the house and with party things. Putting together prize buckets, situating the different game activities and paraphernalia, doing one last vacuum and floor sweep, etc.
WHAT among these things took so much of my time, I do not know! It must have been just everything put together.
Jason had to go to Lowe's after weed eater string, and then the corner store for gas.
Finally we were ready to put together stuff in the backyard. We had the ticket booth to secure, games to set up, and the flag pennant entrance and strings of balloons to tie up. Thank goodness we'd done the animals the day before!
Halfway through putting up the "tent" (a plastic tablecloth stapled to the top of the playscape and angled down to the fence), the wind picked up pretty good, and we realized it was not going to work. The thin plastic ripped right out of the staples and pretty much went flying. I made a frantic call to Grammy, who was basically killing time before the party. She grabbed a white sheet at Walmart and headed this way. We got it up in no time, it was going to work fine, we strung the balloons on there, and she set to work on rolling pigs in a blanket, popping popcorn, and setting up nacho stuff. At this time, I already had the girls frosting cupcakes (seriously!) and adding the cut apart marshmallows to make a popcorn effect on top.

I jumped in the shower about 20 min. before party time and had wet hair when our
first guests arrived. Lovely.

Anyway, the kids got busy checking out the back yard. We had a "knock-over-the-cups" game, a homemade juggler bean bag toss, a clown standee for the kids to put their face through for a cute photo-opp (also homemade!), scarf juggling, a "ducks-in-the-pond" game, face painting, and a balloon animal making station. Not to mention the playscape and trampoline!

Ahhh, but I would be remiss if I failed to mention my masterpiece, the piece de resistance....the obstacle course.
This was my baby. The event I was most proud of. I had borrowed lots of props from a very good friend, and had the neatest stuff set up.

It all began with the first child pulling on a pair of oversized clown pants and suspenders, and filling them with a few balloons. Add a red nose and clown wig, and they were to run to the fence and back, then switch to the burlap sack and hop back to the fence again. After that, they grab the sparkly cane and top hat and walk across the little buckets in a row (to be a tight rope). Then jump through the "Rings of Fire!" (hula hoops on stands) and crawl through the tunnel. Next, up the ladder and down the slide and we all meet up on the parachute for a fun game.
Sounds great, right??


ONE kiddo was willing to try all this stuff and actually made his way through the activities. Then he sat on the parachute for TEN minutes waiting for the next big thing......

It never came.

The rest of the kiddos were completely confused, and the birthday girl was just plain over it!
I will say that most of the kids warmed up and did at least one or two parts of the course once they caught on. :-)

And we went to cupcakes next so all was well.

I guess it's a good party when you end up with one in the pool (wink!)

And...I managed to remember the big "Pie-in-the-face!" finale when there were a whopping 4 friends left at the party. Oh well, live and learn!
Enjoy the show!