Monday, November 10, 2008


No pic today, but we went with a "G" food or green food theme. :) We had grapes, goldfish and one green gumdrop. Then some honeydew, kiwi and avocado.
Of course Miss E ate it up. She has been a great eater from birth and will always try new things (though nothing new in today's tin for her)
Miss A actually ate one bite of kiwi! Yay! AND a couple bites of honeydew! I was SO proud of her. She has been a TERRIBLE eater from birth. I remember taking weeks off at a time from baby food because she wouldn't even open up for the stuff. She's big on textures. Doesn't like to try different or new things. I finally have coaxed her to "take a lick" on new foods. This is how we got the kiwi in. Hey, baby steps, right!?

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jessica said...

okay, i am writing this down on my calendar and determined to try it next week. it sounds like so much fun and the girls LOVE anything that looks fun to eat! :) i just can't remember to do anything these days unless it's written down. how sad! :)