Sunday, November 2, 2008

SeaWorld, Round 1

I absolutely cannot imagine doing this park (or any for that matter) with two small children in one day. It would completely stress me out! Nana and Pops gave Miss A (and the rest of us an early gift) a SeaWorld season pass for her bday last weekend. We drove down last Sunday to check it out.
We had tons of fun, and didn't even scratch the surface of things to do and see at the park. We only saw two shows, and a few rides, with the coral reef aquarium, the penguins and dolphins in between. It was so, so nice to be able to take our time and know that we didn't have to rush because we only had one day.
And actually, that would have to be our quote of the day, courtesy Miss E:
"I can't believe we can come back whenever we want!!"
Enjoy the show!

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Grammy said...

What a wonderful family day...the photos are awesome and I would love to hitch a ride on one of your yearly trips there. I love any place that has rides! Love, Grammy