Sunday, November 16, 2008

What If?

...overheard today from Miss E to Miss A:

"What if you were a tiny ant and someone squished you? How would you feel?"

She also broke down in sobs one day last week when I smushed a spider hanging from my visor in the car. Eek!
Her exact words: "That is what's wrong with our world, Mama! Too many people kill our innocent insects instead of letting them live in their natural habitat!"

I told her,
1. A spider is an arachnid, not an insect. (correction not appreciated at the time)
2. My car is not the spider's natural habitat.
3. Next time I would let her hold it until we could stop and set it free.

Yah, right.


J. Nalley said...

Goodness I don't think I would have had such good explanations as 1 and 2. I might just have started humming and pretended I didn't hear. haha I need to think these things through!

jessica said...

oh my! you are good! :) love it! :)