Monday, November 10, 2008

Week in Review

Hey, at least I'm bloggin', right?? Here's a quickee to catch up some.
Mon, Nov. 3-Miss A and I started off with a quick conference with E's teacher. All good reports. I was told she is quiet in class (at this point I made sure she was talking about MY kiddo) and a hard worker. That she's way above level with reading and will soon be tested for the accelerated math program. And that she will be starting soon in a writing enrichment class. Good to hear. I bugged the teach a bit more about how I can stay informed on what they're covering in class. Still not clear on that one, but we shall see. Would it be too much to ask for a copy of weekly lesson plans? :)
Moving on.
We left there and dropped some things off at the library then went to meet our friends at a favorite park. Ms. J read a book about Elmer the Elephant then the kids did an Elmer craft. We had fun with it, then hit the hills! Ha! This park has a fun hill to climb and hike. It has become a tradition now to run the hills for the kids. If the moms were smart (or not so lazy...) we would join them! :)
Once we wrangled the kids back in we played a round of red light/green light, using the Spanish color names, then a round of duck duck goose. There's a pick in my slideshow of Miss A chasing a little Miss J...this was part of our duck duck goose game. :) Miss J "goosed" my little A, then headed for the hills! Hee-we're still learning this one. We ended with a game of freeze tag then had more play time at the park. Miss A and I picked up a drink and a snack and surprised Miss E by picking her up at school. We hit a different park from there and hung out some. It was a beautiful afternoon.
Wed, Nov. 5-this was an early release day for Miss E so I let her choose somewhere to go after school. She choose Radijazz and off we went! We pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was fun. I think this was the first time Miss A got into the jumping into the volcano since she was a little bitty thing. She loved it! The girls also did the tunnels over and over and ran hard. We did some grocery shopping at Walmart afterwards with promises of a milkshake if they made it there awake. We made it-Whew! Little A is a terror lately to get to bed if she gets the slightest nap!
Fri, Nov. 7-Lil' J and his Mommy picked us up to head to another favorite spot. Another beautiful day! We are completely spoiled right now with this gorgeous weather! Miss A found courage today to climb to the top of the net/wall thingy. She was so proud!
Sat, Nov. 8-Miss E was all about making and icing cookies today. She found a decorating set in the pantry from long ago, so we HAd to use it! I pulled out my fancy tools I got from their Uncle Shawn last Cmas and we went to town! Made a BIG mess, used LOTS of frosting, and had a blast with it!
Another busy week ahead-I'll TRY to keep up. I still haven't posted anything on Halloween! Sigh.

Enjoy the show!

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jessica said...

wow! busy week! how do you do it all? i love the photo show! soooo cute! :) what a great way to sum up the week! :)