Sunday, July 15, 2007

SIngle Moms Everywhere.....

how do you do it??? DH is working 14 hour days, 7 days a week right now. And I almost feel like a single mom! He kisses me "bye" in the morning, and we have about 30 min. of wind down time at night before he crashes. The poor guy, wouldn't have it this way, of course, if it were up to him. But in his line of work, you take the work when it comes, because there will come a time, when it stops.

And man, is the work coming in. His regular regimen of 6 days a week has now been upped to 7 the past few weeks. He does not get home in time to see the girls to bed, but every few days gets to see Ally before he heads out. Last Thursday I kept E&A up till 10 just so they could have 45 minutes with their Daddy!

The two munchkins have been playing together for about 15 minutes now. This is something relatively new. Emma rarely has the patients to "train" Ally in her preferred ways of play. And Ally rarely has the attention span to "get it". I don't even know what they're playing right now, and I don't care!! There are no screams, no harsh words, no running to tattle (sweet Miss A has picked up on this lately...). I dare not interrupt in fear of breaking whatever rhythm they've got going. I actually think Emma has figured out that she has someone to boss around, and she's taking full advantage of it! This whole time, I have not heard a peep out of Ally, but endless orders from Big Sis! Oh, the joys to come!!!

No Way!!

The child ate a vegetable! More than once! Last week was the first time. And two times since, Ally has asked for a baby carrot when I offered them to Emma! This is huge. I can count on one hand the number of vegetables that have passed her lips since she began eating table food. And I don't mean the variety of vegetables. I mean the number of vegetables. Four green beans, to be exact. Yes, I have voiced concern at each and every dr. visit, which was never matched by the Ped. She eats good fruits, and grains, they would always say. Maybe a multi-vitamin?
Anyway, I am beyond excited about this. I have also discovered that she'll try one bite of almost anything (or a lick, at least) if it's dipped in Ranch dressing. She even ate a half a catfish fillet (much to her Daddy's delight, seeing how he caught it!) once it was slathered with the stuff. Hey, growing up in Texas, it was only a matter of time till she caught wind of this fancy and very versatile dipping sauce. Oh boy, may more delicious discoveries come!!

Diagnosis?? "PPS"

Preposterous Procrastinitis Severous.
That's what I've tagged it. My detrimental illness that rules my life some days. Why preposterous, you may ask?? :) Because it really is ridiculous the things I will do, to avoid doing what I really *should* be doing. Like what, you wonder?? (and I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat....a month of absence and this is what I give!?!)
Well, let me the past two days, I have managed to clean out and re-organize my medicine cupboard, linen closet and laundry room (this one was a bear!), clean and straighten under the kitchen sink and one "junk drawer" (the fact that I have more than one speaks for itself), de-clutter the bookshelf in my room, move some heavy furniture in my room, wash the drapes in the family room, thin out my fabric scrap basket, and fill three bags of Goodwill gives.
In the meantime, I have successfully avoided the kitchen. The bathroom. My car. The yard. The garage. And the dusting.
Why is what I need to do so pitifully unappealing, that I will do anything else to avoid it?? I've struggled my whole life, and still have no answer. I will gladly take any suggestions for how to triumph over this terrible disease....medication maybe?? :)