Sunday, July 15, 2007

Diagnosis?? "PPS"

Preposterous Procrastinitis Severous.
That's what I've tagged it. My detrimental illness that rules my life some days. Why preposterous, you may ask?? :) Because it really is ridiculous the things I will do, to avoid doing what I really *should* be doing. Like what, you wonder?? (and I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat....a month of absence and this is what I give!?!)
Well, let me the past two days, I have managed to clean out and re-organize my medicine cupboard, linen closet and laundry room (this one was a bear!), clean and straighten under the kitchen sink and one "junk drawer" (the fact that I have more than one speaks for itself), de-clutter the bookshelf in my room, move some heavy furniture in my room, wash the drapes in the family room, thin out my fabric scrap basket, and fill three bags of Goodwill gives.
In the meantime, I have successfully avoided the kitchen. The bathroom. My car. The yard. The garage. And the dusting.
Why is what I need to do so pitifully unappealing, that I will do anything else to avoid it?? I've struggled my whole life, and still have no answer. I will gladly take any suggestions for how to triumph over this terrible disease....medication maybe?? :)


Mihills Family Blog said...

I don't know if this will help or not, but when I really need to get motivated I rearrange the furniture in a room. That inspires me to give everything a really good cleaning! There's no way to rearrange our bedroom, so the top of the bookshelves don't get dusted very often.
If anyone gives you a good idea on getting motivated to clean your windows and blinds, pass it on!! That's something I used to try to do twice a year and I think it's been 2 years since I did either one. ha
As far as the car goes, I've discovered I don't mind paying to have that little job done. And besides that, that's Jason's job!!!

Love you,

Aunt Debbie

Mihills Family Blog said...

Oh, and Russell and I do the yard together. It's good exercise and takes 1/2 the time. But the garage, that's Jason's territory, too!