Monday, June 11, 2007

"Un-Kool Mi-Kool!! Come Dis Waaay!"

We had a special visitor last week. Jason's Uncle Mike (or "Un-kool Mi-kool" as Ally calls him). The girls were so thrilled to see him, running up and hugging his neck, sitting in his lap. Emma got out "Hi Ho Cherry-O" to play, Ally brought book after book for him to read. Emma had to show off her Geo-Safari game. Pointing out to Mike the different critters on each page and whether or not they were an insect and why. "An insect has to have six legs, Uncle Mike". He later bragged on how smart she is.

Ally wanted to play hide and seek, of course. She had Mike hiding in the bathroom, the bedrooms, anywhere he could get fast enough. Anyone that has played with Ally knows you don't have long to hide. She counts to about three (well, she'll count to ten, but it takes her about 3 seconds!), then she runs right after you, ready or NOT! :) Then she would drag him back to her room "come Dis Way!" to play in her turf. Even though we don't see Mike very often, the girls always remember him, and always are excited to see him. They greet him with smiles and hugs like those usually saved for their grandparents. He's a very quiet, reserved man. But there's something about him that the girls can feel. They know he's a good guy, they know he loves them dearly, and they know that they love him too.

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Grammy said...

Their Uncle Mike called me the next morning at 7 am still thrilled that the girls loved him so much. Said he had not slept at all and it had been one of the happiest days of his life. He is going to come visit more often and we are thrilled about that. Can't wait to see him again. Love, Grammy