Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Princess Glorina, if you please!"

This was my answer, accompanied by a dramatic entrance (including a curtsey), when I called Emma to her room earlier.
"They call me this because of my glorious beauty" she said. Assuming "they" were her new loyal subjects, I went with it, as I always do, when she chooses her character of the day. This usually includes a new title for myself. Today it was "new mom". Yes, sometimes the creativity runs low when naming her entourage. Ally was "Little Princess Glorina". But the commitment is there. I was "new mom" grocery shopping through HEB, while cooking dinner and during after dinner play, and was quickly corrected if I referred to her as anything other than Princess or Your Majesty. This child has an imagination like I have never seen. And she will not tire of her role. Ever.
She has been very into Polly Pockets lately. She sat for 20 at a park (!) the other day and played dolls with another little girl! She played them all day yesterday and most of today. At one point sitting for 30 minutes on the couch with her Grammy, thumbing through a Mary Kay catalog, choosing make-up (complete make-up. from foundation, to eye shadow, to liners and powders) for each of her seven dolls! I hope this is some part of an amazing attention span, and will lead to an awesome focus in school. It still blows me away. Emma is definitely in tune with some part of her brain that I never was. She's already more of an artist than I'll ever hope to be. Can you tell I'm impressed? :) And very proud!

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Grammy said...

I had a blast playing with Emma and her dolls yesterday. I have an Avon book and a make-up book I am going to bring over on my next visit. I have been studying!! Reading books with Ally and playing with Emma makes the world wonderful!! Love, Grammy