Monday, June 11, 2007

"Maybe when I'm old enough, I can marry him...."

...says Emma of her newest beau, the pest control guy. This is Wyatt, of S&W Pest Control. 1-800-pest-control (plug, plug :) ). Notice he is sporting his newly fashioned pipe cleaner and button bracelet. Emma picked out the colors to match his "outfit", she said. The guy was super, super sweet. Letting Emma follow him around, giving her special tour of the house. Pointing out the important things like her ballet bar, her canopy, and her treasure box and its contents. At one point in the "tour", I overheard Emma tell him that she thought he was "really cool", and that she likes "guys with black hair and brown faces"! For whatever reason, Emma was just absolutely taken with him! Today was his second visit out here. After the first treatment, I noticed some ants in spots where I never had before, so he came back to check it out. For no extra fee, he re-sprayed the whole house, spot treated the trouble areas, and re-sprayed the perimeter of the house outside. So on top of being extra nice and good with the kids, they really honor their guarantee. He said to call again if there seem to be any more problems. I've got a soft spot for the guy now-I recommend him if anyone's looking for a "bug-man" (this was Ally's name for him)!


Grammy said...

I think he favors Jason, especially his coloring. She is so cute and not bashful at all! Love, Grammy

ImBlessed2x said...

oooooh... you had better move somewhere where there is ice on the ground 24/7! Being in the sunny hot state of Texas that girl will have crushes all over the place!! heh! I love that she calls them brown faced ;)

Jamie Says said...

That Emma! How absolutely adorable!!!