Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eyes Wide Open

How desperately I want to fall into sweet slumberland and wish my worries away!!

I finally decided to get up and do something productive. I may not (edited to read, "Will Not"!) produce an interesting post, but it's a post. And that's a start.

Today was a good day. Did some laundry, a little housework. Played CandyLand and Connect Four. Ate leftovers.

Did not bathe dog or clear off back porch or weed the garden.

Did not even look at the sale ads and that is one thing that is haunting me now. I need to know what I can round up with my minuscule budget this week. I need to know what I can score for next to nothing to add to my stockpile of consumables. And yes, I know I am obsessing over the small things to avoid the big things....

I am calculating how best to go about rounding up supplies for a making a couple of cute Halloween decorations.

Making mental notes that I need to...

change the job list for my class
rearrange the seating chart
create a behavior chart system for my class
email parents on conference times
execute the BOY testing in class this week
call the Pumpkin Patch w/field trip questions
find the blog on how to "Boo" and prepare
research possible parks for Ally's bday
look for toy dinosaurs in the workroom and
make die cut letters for the words "Boo" and "Eek"
come up with an entertaining rendition of the story of David and Jonathan for the enjoyment of 3 dozen four year olds
mail a pkg. to sister
make a list of Cmas ideas that are floating around
take a return to Kohl's
take a return to Walmart
take an exchange to Hobby Lobby
charge camera and take pics of more Craigslist stuff, then post
tell M&D that Ally's book fair is this week (oops!)
send $3 for Emma's class shirt
pick up several bottles of hand sanitizer and halloween-y stickers and ribbon to decorate
find old games from leftover garage sale things and send to school w/Emma

Let me just do everyone a favor and stop here. With each item I add to my list, I think of 3 more... SO... let's try again. Let's stop, chill out, and try to sleep. :)
Please sleep, come to me... or I will get none of these things done, and only encourage this nasty cycle.

In hopes!