Monday, August 31, 2009

My Girl

This girl most definitely didn't fall far from my tree... :)

She had some reading testing in school today. They had to read several passages and then the teacher would count how many words they read in a certain amount of time. Testing for fluency, I think.

Emma said after the first passage, her teacher told her she was only "supposed to" read 44 words. I guess that is the "right" number for the early 2nd grade level. Emma read 125. :o)
Then she tells me, "and everytime I would finish a story, my teacher would say, 'Holy Smokes, girl!'"


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Another one bites the dust...

Toothfairy thought it was worth $5! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


summer is not over.

At least not in my book.

I don't know how many times I thought about this list over the break, but never posted it. We made pretty good headway last year, considering how late it was when I put this together, and we covered quite a bit of ground this year without even trying.
I will put the things we did in bold. And we'll keep plugging at the rest. :)

The Keas Kid's Summer To Do List!

1. Build a sand castle
2. Have a picnic
3. Run in the sprinklers
4. Body paint (kind of like finger paint gone wild!)
5. Plant flowers
6. Hike to the dinosaur tracks
7. Lay in the grass and find shapes in the clouds
8. Make smores by campfire
9. Make a nature box
10. Make an ice treasure
11. Make homemade ice cream
12. and homemade Popsicles!
13. Go to the Zoo
14. Blow BIG bubbles!
15. Play hide and seek at night with flashlights
16. Make a treasure map and hunt for treasure
17. Play hopscotch
18. Go to an amusement/water park

19. Go camping!
20. Paint the fence
21. Have a snow day
22. Jump on the tramp w/sprinkler under!
23. Visit the Children's Art Park
24. Attend free movies!
25. Make a fort and sleep in it!
26. Make our own stepping stone
27. Go to the Botanical Gardens
28. Ride the Zilker Zephyr
29. See a play or musical
30. Fly a kite
31. Take a listening walk

Emma's First Week

This week has been relatively smooth. Besides the dragging of the bodies out of the bed.... (and I'm NOT talking about Emma-she has been SO good with the early mornings!) we have had a pretty good week.

Emma seems to like 2nd grade. The first day she said she likes Second grade because she gets to do "projects", and then showed me a colored, cut and pasted watermelon. ;) Hopefully next week they will get into the curriculum and she will stay interested.
Emma did get a "color change" one day b/c she did not listen when the teacher told the class there would be no more bathroom breaks. Emma left for a bathroom break and had to change her color when she got back. Her teacher told me that she worked very hard and was able to move up before the end of the day. Emma said as we were walking to the car that she was very worried that she would not be able to move back up. I am so glad she cares, and she tries really hard to please.

By day 4 she told me that she was having trouble w/some boys at recess that wouldn't let her play with them. Some of that story is in another post.
From what I gather, I think it may be a situation of "we would let you play with us but you're a giiirrll..." kind of thing. I am glad she doesn't care about that but hope she doesn't get hurt by the kids that do. She handled it VERY well and came home happy the next day.

So far, so good, I guess. I just hate her being gone for so long for so many days. There are so many minutes, shaping her little life, that I cannot witness! I saw a piece of a special on "helicopter moms". Is that me? I really don't think so.
But I do desperately want to watch my children grow! I want to be a part of a lot of things, but I think I really do give room when room is needed. I very much want to have a hand in their education and benchmark experiences. I want to show them that there may be more than one door that leads to the same place, and that sometimes it's ok (more than ok, it's often more exciting!) to take the door that's down the hall and around the corner, instead of the one right in front of you. I want to see them make messes and mistakes on the way.
Sigh, it's just the same old sob story, I'm afraid. I just can't come to terms with this.

Okay-snapping out of it. I hope we have an awesome year and that Emma has the opportunity to make discoveries, learn life lessons, and build many memories.

All on her own. :)

Our Big Girl!

I won't make a habit of this...

...but I HAVE to share my deals from today!

1 Revlon mascara - $8.99
1 Revlon lipstick - $7.99
4 Kraft Mac&Cheese - 4/$4
1 Xtra laundry det. - $1.99
1 Energizer 8 pk. AA - $8.49
1 Energizer 8 pk. AAA - $8.49
2 Reese's PB cup - $.50 ea.

Total OOP after coupons and ECBs: Under $4.00!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Table Talk

**I almost left the dinner table to record this next piece while it was fresh in my mind.**

Emma was telling us something about her day (ok - (this is not a part of my blog story, but I feel bad skipping it and only recording the humor follow) Emma was telling me that she took my advice and told the 2 boys (who were in her class and QUEST group last year but are in a different class this year) from recess who kept telling her that she could not play with them, that she likes to play what they are playing, and that it might be more fun with more people - and it worked! I told her I was VERY proud of her, gave her a high five, and she continued w/more details...) and while she was talking she accidentally let out a pretty big belch.

You should have seen the look on her face-pure horror! Here is exactly (as best as I can) what she said:

"Pardon Me! I am SO sorry! I did NOT mean to do that! I had no idea I was going to do THAT! I can't tell you HOW sorry I am! Excuse me, that was an ACCIDENT! My Goodness!"

...aaaannd she may have gone on, but I interrupted, told her it was ok, and thanked her for apologizing.

Next comes about a 2 second pause, then.....

a big ole belly laugh from a certain not-so-poised (and apparently impressed) 4 yr. old, then............

says Ally, "I wish I could do THAT!"

A quick pic from after dinner-Ally was holding a chip she had eaten into the shape of a castle, but I cut it off. Sorry Ally!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lovin' My Frugal Life

I started to be funny and put some asterisks or pound signs after the F and let you balk in horror at my post title but thought that would be a bit much.... So I'll just lead with it. Ha!

I have had fun this week with the first of my "coupon trips". I'm going to make this quick, because as my sisters and mother know by now I can go on and on and on about my proud purchases. :)

Dove deodorant
Travel size Hungry Hippos game
8 pkg. ind. Reese's PB cups.
Total before coupons (and tax): just under $10 (my fellow couponers-please forgive me. I know you are shaking your heads at my flippant, less-than-precise accounts. I will do better...)
Total after coupons (and WITH tax): $1.77

Woah! I told my mom it was so strange-I felt like I was stealing! This was my very first super-coupon transaction. It is so strange!

1st transaction: 2 Speed Stick deodorants for Men.
Total before coupons and tax: $6.98
Total paid after coupons and 1 ECB: $1.00

2nd transaction:
1 Schick Quatro razor/trimmer for women.
Total before coupon and tax: $11.49 (this is an AWESOME razor that I would never usually get!)
Total after coupon and tax and the 2 ECBs from above: $3.24

3rd transaction: 1 Aveeno body wash, 2 Aveeno hair care, 1 Aveeno lotion.
Total before coupons and tax: $30.96 (again, GOOD stuff that I would never otherwise buy!)
Total after coupons and the 2 ECBs from above: $16.94
Now, I know this one still sounds high-but I did it anyway because I earned TEN ECBs on it! So know, I have ten dollars to spend at CVS w/o any out of pocket. So basically, I was only $6.94 out on this. AND it would have been $4 lower but since I'm just starting on coupons my stash is low and I didn't have one for each Aveeno item. I only had two.

So what was my total out of pocket? OOP? $21.18 (Grr..should have been under $16...!) for over $50 worth of stuff!
AND I have ten bucks going back in!
Pretty good for a beginner. Like I said, it'll get better as I go. I'm pretty psyched for now-and I challenge all of you to give it a shot-just try it once, it's absolutely addictive!
oh-I also got a rain check for a razor for Jason. Same deal as above. Yay!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thought I'd just run down a typical summer's day and document sort of a "day in the life". Not the best, most exciting day-but they're not all, are they? :)
(warning-this may be an especially boring post. Just throwing it in for memory's sake)

***Sry-have to interupt this. I just called to Ally, "Ally, I hope you're not jumping on your bed...". She replies, "I am!" She is seriously so proud of herself. When will it sink in?***

Anyway, I woke up to Ally about 3/4 of an inch away from my face, saying, "Get up, Mama! It's nine o'clock!" LOL. I don't think it was 9:00...but I can't say for sure. :)

Emma was on the computer right away (very much enjoying our new (to us) computer! Thank you Aunt M and Uncle S!). I gave Ally her morning shake then made some oatmeal. Put on a load of laundry and jumped in the shower while the girls ate.
Out of the shower-Emma had finished her oatmeal, Ally's full bowl was still at the table....I warmed it up then called her back and sat w/her until she finished...

We had plans to go to the pool w/some friends so the girls got in their suits and I packed the small cooler w/watermelon and water bottles. Got to the pool a little early (VERY unusual!) so we did sunscreen in the parking lot before going in.

We had SO much fun at the pool-as always. We have very much enjoyed our pool time this summer. Me just as much as the girls. It has been a hot, hot summer, so there's not much better than spending a few hours splashing around in some cool water!

We stayed right at 3 hours. That seems to be the magic number for us. Had one snack break and reapplied sunscreen then jumped back in. Emma is all about swimming. She LOVES to be in the water. She floats, jumps, dives, does her "tricks"-the dolphin flip, the mermaid, the spin, the long jump, to name a few. :) Ally wants to jump to me, she loves to swim too-and today wanted to practice her back float/swim a bunch. She's getting good!

Hit the Sonic dollar menu on the way home to get something in our bellies and did a little looking up of recipes and made a quick menu and grocery list. We hit HEB about 6:30 and did pretty good-a quick trip, small total, but got the fixings for at least 4 good meals.
(Chicken tacos, meatloaf (a double batch, I'm going to try and freeze half this time), Chicken Stirfry and Taco Soup, plus spaghetti stuff if we need it, and various sides-my green beans, salad stuff, potatoes, etc.)

edited to add-while we were at the grocery store, I realized Emma had a pretty bad sunburn. It bothered me, because I feel like I failed...I'm the one responsible for her tender skin, and this was her first burn.

Got home before 7:30, made the girls "Ants on a Log". Emma's request-Ally's w/o the ants. :) Got them in the tub and all cleaned up, hair brushed and braided, and got to work applying aloe to Emma's burn. We had just been giving an aloe vera plant and I cut into it and smeared the healing aloe all over her back, shoulders and face. Her little shoulders are pretty bad. Makes me sad to see it. :(
Emma read Ally about 5 books before bed, then read a chapter or so on her own before lights out.
Ally is in a habit now of looking at books after lights out. I haven't said anything and I don't know if she knows that I know she's doing it. Follow that? She'll flip through several books by the light from the hall and I'll always find her passed out w/a couple in her bed or on the floor right beside.

Guess I'll stop here.. I turned on the tube and waited for Jason to get home. He brought me a taco-thank you! We watched some of Dave and chatted a bit then he crashed. I checked FB then followed not much later.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


heh. :) My title is a little homage to my hours of coupon/sale/frugal shopping research I have done the past few days. I have come to understand and differentiate between the plethora of acronyms (are they acronyms? someone help me here. I don't have the energy to look it up) to include OOP/ECB/SS/RP/RR...and many many more!

Just now I came up with my own.

(Change of Plans)

A regular, if not daily, part of our lives here in the Keashold.

I've spent hours this morning researching the sale ads, the best coupon deals, etc. and had my afternoon all mapped out with several stops for specific items here and there. We also had library time scheduled and other random errands like the bank and movie store.

And all before the 3 o'clock dentist appt.

I had Ally's hair brushed and braided and was working on Emma's. Ally not yet dressed, hopped up on the couch and was teasing me with "I'm laying on the clo-othes!". I decided not to fight that battle and that my freshly washed load of towels, sheets and pillow cases from our week of company would survive.
As I finished Emma's hair I glanced over to see this:

And so was born the COP plan. Or whatever. :)

I will now fill the next hour and a half with much needed household chores, so time not wasted. But this means we have to do our previously scheduled errands AFTER the dentist appts., which completely messes up my evening plans....SEE why I usually don't even bother to plan in the first place?!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I made a memory last night. Let the big girl ride her bike by the light of the moon, to show her Daddy her new skills on her TWO WHEELER! (it is no longer a bike-always a two wheeler!) She had mastered the two wheels while he was gone for the weekend and he had yet to make it home in time for her to show off.
So last night, I texted Jason to see if he was close, and at 9:15 pm, quietly called Emma out of her bed to put some shoes on and get her bike ready. She was so proud! Even in the dark I could see her smile beaming-spreading from ear to ear. :) A very special moment. :)