Tuesday, August 18, 2009


heh. :) My title is a little homage to my hours of coupon/sale/frugal shopping research I have done the past few days. I have come to understand and differentiate between the plethora of acronyms (are they acronyms? someone help me here. I don't have the energy to look it up) to include OOP/ECB/SS/RP/RR...and many many more!

Just now I came up with my own.

(Change of Plans)

A regular, if not daily, part of our lives here in the Keashold.

I've spent hours this morning researching the sale ads, the best coupon deals, etc. and had my afternoon all mapped out with several stops for specific items here and there. We also had library time scheduled and other random errands like the bank and movie store.

And all before the 3 o'clock dentist appt.

I had Ally's hair brushed and braided and was working on Emma's. Ally not yet dressed, hopped up on the couch and was teasing me with "I'm laying on the clo-othes!". I decided not to fight that battle and that my freshly washed load of towels, sheets and pillow cases from our week of company would survive.
As I finished Emma's hair I glanced over to see this:

And so was born the COP plan. Or whatever. :)

I will now fill the next hour and a half with much needed household chores, so time not wasted. But this means we have to do our previously scheduled errands AFTER the dentist appts., which completely messes up my evening plans....SEE why I usually don't even bother to plan in the first place?!


Mihills Family Blog said...

Poor little thing. This summer has been so full of fun and activities that it's just worn her completely out! Sometimes a COP would do us all good!
BTW...Jennifer is coupon queen in my book. She has a blog spot where she posts good deals when she comes across them. In case you don't know about it it's

Love you bunches!!

Aunt Debbie

Christy said...

Love the pict, so sweet! Have you tried CVS yet? If so you have to post your good deals!

Grammy said...

how precious...worn out!