Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lovin' My Frugal Life

I started to be funny and put some asterisks or pound signs after the F and let you balk in horror at my post title but thought that would be a bit much.... So I'll just lead with it. Ha!

I have had fun this week with the first of my "coupon trips". I'm going to make this quick, because as my sisters and mother know by now I can go on and on and on about my proud purchases. :)

Dove deodorant
Travel size Hungry Hippos game
8 pkg. ind. Reese's PB cups.
Total before coupons (and tax): just under $10 (my fellow couponers-please forgive me. I know you are shaking your heads at my flippant, less-than-precise accounts. I will do better...)
Total after coupons (and WITH tax): $1.77

Woah! I told my mom it was so strange-I felt like I was stealing! This was my very first super-coupon transaction. It is so strange!

1st transaction: 2 Speed Stick deodorants for Men.
Total before coupons and tax: $6.98
Total paid after coupons and 1 ECB: $1.00

2nd transaction:
1 Schick Quatro razor/trimmer for women.
Total before coupon and tax: $11.49 (this is an AWESOME razor that I would never usually get!)
Total after coupon and tax and the 2 ECBs from above: $3.24

3rd transaction: 1 Aveeno body wash, 2 Aveeno hair care, 1 Aveeno lotion.
Total before coupons and tax: $30.96 (again, GOOD stuff that I would never otherwise buy!)
Total after coupons and the 2 ECBs from above: $16.94
Now, I know this one still sounds high-but I did it anyway because I earned TEN ECBs on it! So know, I have ten dollars to spend at CVS w/o any out of pocket. So basically, I was only $6.94 out on this. AND it would have been $4 lower but since I'm just starting on coupons my stash is low and I didn't have one for each Aveeno item. I only had two.

So what was my total out of pocket? OOP? $21.18 (Grr..should have been under $16...!) for over $50 worth of stuff!
AND I have ten bucks going back in!
Pretty good for a beginner. Like I said, it'll get better as I go. I'm pretty psyched for now-and I challenge all of you to give it a shot-just try it once, it's absolutely addictive!
oh-I also got a rain check for a razor for Jason. Same deal as above. Yay!


Mihills Family Blog said...

You go girl!! I just discovered Aveeno shampoo and conditioner when I signed up for a free sample. The only place I could find them when I got ready to buy was CVS. I was SHOCKED at how expensive they were..but I went ahead and bought them..without coupons OR ECB's. I haven't taken the time to do the CVS thing, but I know I should. Jennifer has shared her deals that she get there! If you get really good at couponing you shouldn't ever have to go to work full time again!!

Love you!

Christy said...

Very impressive!!! I could have given you the Aveeno coupons, we need to start a coupon thread on TLTP. We can do some trading. I wonder what Mollie would think of that;-)

jessica said...

WAY TO GO! that's awesome! i am always trying to brag to bailey about my good deals . . . he is never as impressed with me as i am! :) i am sooo getting into this coupon thing . . . is it sad that it is exciting for me to hear how much i saved at the end of a shopping trip? that's the exciting part of my life these days! :)

Jenn said...

Christy-aw, man!! It was SO hard to make that purchase knowing I could've had more coupons! :)
Jess-um, no. That's not sad. What's sad is how excited I am to see next week's ad!!!
Actually, I am going back in the morning for my rainchecks and a couple of more things. :)!