Friday, August 28, 2009

Table Talk

**I almost left the dinner table to record this next piece while it was fresh in my mind.**

Emma was telling us something about her day (ok - (this is not a part of my blog story, but I feel bad skipping it and only recording the humor follow) Emma was telling me that she took my advice and told the 2 boys (who were in her class and QUEST group last year but are in a different class this year) from recess who kept telling her that she could not play with them, that she likes to play what they are playing, and that it might be more fun with more people - and it worked! I told her I was VERY proud of her, gave her a high five, and she continued w/more details...) and while she was talking she accidentally let out a pretty big belch.

You should have seen the look on her face-pure horror! Here is exactly (as best as I can) what she said:

"Pardon Me! I am SO sorry! I did NOT mean to do that! I had no idea I was going to do THAT! I can't tell you HOW sorry I am! Excuse me, that was an ACCIDENT! My Goodness!"

...aaaannd she may have gone on, but I interrupted, told her it was ok, and thanked her for apologizing.

Next comes about a 2 second pause, then.....

a big ole belly laugh from a certain not-so-poised (and apparently impressed) 4 yr. old, then............

says Ally, "I wish I could do THAT!"

A quick pic from after dinner-Ally was holding a chip she had eaten into the shape of a castle, but I cut it off. Sorry Ally!


J. Nalley said...

Oh Funny! I like "Table Talk" as a regular blog entry. That's a cute name. PS I tried hairspray today and JM still came home with crazy pigtails! :-)

Jenn said...

I thought the same thing-I like the title. :) And...I can't believe hairspray didn't work. Maybe mousse?