Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thought I'd just run down a typical summer's day and document sort of a "day in the life". Not the best, most exciting day-but they're not all, are they? :)
(warning-this may be an especially boring post. Just throwing it in for memory's sake)

***Sry-have to interupt this. I just called to Ally, "Ally, I hope you're not jumping on your bed...". She replies, "I am!" She is seriously so proud of herself. When will it sink in?***

Anyway, I woke up to Ally about 3/4 of an inch away from my face, saying, "Get up, Mama! It's nine o'clock!" LOL. I don't think it was 9:00...but I can't say for sure. :)

Emma was on the computer right away (very much enjoying our new (to us) computer! Thank you Aunt M and Uncle S!). I gave Ally her morning shake then made some oatmeal. Put on a load of laundry and jumped in the shower while the girls ate.
Out of the shower-Emma had finished her oatmeal, Ally's full bowl was still at the table....I warmed it up then called her back and sat w/her until she finished...

We had plans to go to the pool w/some friends so the girls got in their suits and I packed the small cooler w/watermelon and water bottles. Got to the pool a little early (VERY unusual!) so we did sunscreen in the parking lot before going in.

We had SO much fun at the pool-as always. We have very much enjoyed our pool time this summer. Me just as much as the girls. It has been a hot, hot summer, so there's not much better than spending a few hours splashing around in some cool water!

We stayed right at 3 hours. That seems to be the magic number for us. Had one snack break and reapplied sunscreen then jumped back in. Emma is all about swimming. She LOVES to be in the water. She floats, jumps, dives, does her "tricks"-the dolphin flip, the mermaid, the spin, the long jump, to name a few. :) Ally wants to jump to me, she loves to swim too-and today wanted to practice her back float/swim a bunch. She's getting good!

Hit the Sonic dollar menu on the way home to get something in our bellies and did a little looking up of recipes and made a quick menu and grocery list. We hit HEB about 6:30 and did pretty good-a quick trip, small total, but got the fixings for at least 4 good meals.
(Chicken tacos, meatloaf (a double batch, I'm going to try and freeze half this time), Chicken Stirfry and Taco Soup, plus spaghetti stuff if we need it, and various sides-my green beans, salad stuff, potatoes, etc.)

edited to add-while we were at the grocery store, I realized Emma had a pretty bad sunburn. It bothered me, because I feel like I failed...I'm the one responsible for her tender skin, and this was her first burn.

Got home before 7:30, made the girls "Ants on a Log". Emma's request-Ally's w/o the ants. :) Got them in the tub and all cleaned up, hair brushed and braided, and got to work applying aloe to Emma's burn. We had just been giving an aloe vera plant and I cut into it and smeared the healing aloe all over her back, shoulders and face. Her little shoulders are pretty bad. Makes me sad to see it. :(
Emma read Ally about 5 books before bed, then read a chapter or so on her own before lights out.
Ally is in a habit now of looking at books after lights out. I haven't said anything and I don't know if she knows that I know she's doing it. Follow that? She'll flip through several books by the light from the hall and I'll always find her passed out w/a couple in her bed or on the floor right beside.

Guess I'll stop here.. I turned on the tube and waited for Jason to get home. He brought me a taco-thank you! We watched some of Dave and chatted a bit then he crashed. I checked FB then followed not much later.

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