Saturday, August 29, 2009

Emma's First Week

This week has been relatively smooth. Besides the dragging of the bodies out of the bed.... (and I'm NOT talking about Emma-she has been SO good with the early mornings!) we have had a pretty good week.

Emma seems to like 2nd grade. The first day she said she likes Second grade because she gets to do "projects", and then showed me a colored, cut and pasted watermelon. ;) Hopefully next week they will get into the curriculum and she will stay interested.
Emma did get a "color change" one day b/c she did not listen when the teacher told the class there would be no more bathroom breaks. Emma left for a bathroom break and had to change her color when she got back. Her teacher told me that she worked very hard and was able to move up before the end of the day. Emma said as we were walking to the car that she was very worried that she would not be able to move back up. I am so glad she cares, and she tries really hard to please.

By day 4 she told me that she was having trouble w/some boys at recess that wouldn't let her play with them. Some of that story is in another post.
From what I gather, I think it may be a situation of "we would let you play with us but you're a giiirrll..." kind of thing. I am glad she doesn't care about that but hope she doesn't get hurt by the kids that do. She handled it VERY well and came home happy the next day.

So far, so good, I guess. I just hate her being gone for so long for so many days. There are so many minutes, shaping her little life, that I cannot witness! I saw a piece of a special on "helicopter moms". Is that me? I really don't think so.
But I do desperately want to watch my children grow! I want to be a part of a lot of things, but I think I really do give room when room is needed. I very much want to have a hand in their education and benchmark experiences. I want to show them that there may be more than one door that leads to the same place, and that sometimes it's ok (more than ok, it's often more exciting!) to take the door that's down the hall and around the corner, instead of the one right in front of you. I want to see them make messes and mistakes on the way.
Sigh, it's just the same old sob story, I'm afraid. I just can't come to terms with this.

Okay-snapping out of it. I hope we have an awesome year and that Emma has the opportunity to make discoveries, learn life lessons, and build many memories.

All on her own. :)

Our Big Girl!

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Mihills Family Blog said...

I saw that same special on "helicopter" moms. Seeing as how both of those boys were in college...I think you are FAR from being a helicopter mom. That woman had lots of problems that she needed to deal with and I'm sure her boys will one day, too. I was surprised they responded that they really appreciated her hovering and didn't mind it at all. But then, they weren't having to do their shopping, etc. You have plenty of people around you who will let you know if you ever come close to that, I'm sure! ha