Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love Rocks

Miss A is so full of love these days. So many times per day telling me she loves me. We have started the "who-loves-who-more" thing lately. She gets a kick out of that. She's so sweet with her comments, telling me I'm the best mom ever, that she loves me to the moon (that's our thing-I love it) :), or that I'm her best friend.
Today she was singing a little tune on the way to school. I wasn't paying too much attention. I sing alot, for some reason. Well, not really singing. Just saying regular conversation or phrases to the tune of a song or jingle or nursery rhyme. I'm sure a strange thing to a fly on the wall. I don't know when this started, or how. But it's what I do.

For example:
(to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

"It's time to get you in the tub,
in the tub, in the tub-
It's time to get you in the tub,
so take off all your clothes..."


(to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)

"It's time to go to bed,
It's time to go to bed-
Brush your teeth then choose a book,
It's time to go to bed."

OK-not all of my songs start with "It's time to", but you get the drift.

ANYway...back to My Miss A. She was singing a little tune in the backseat, and I finally tuned in. And here for your listening (or reading, whatever) pleasure:

(to the tune of "We Will Rock You". Yes, by Queen)

I. Just. Love. You. Mama! Mama!
You're. The. Best. Best. Mama! Mama!
I love you to the moon and I love you everywhere
I love you all the time and I. See. You! (had eye contact in the rear-view mirror there)
I. Do. Love. You. Mama! Mama!

Not only was it so sweet!! (and just what the Dr. ordered for me!) But to fill in her own words and carry the tune right along?? Wow!
I hope you can get something out of this. I can hear it exactly how she did it in my head. And I teared up while driving. Wish I had it recorded! I may have to ask for an encore. :)


J. Nalley said...

Aww totally sweet! What fun! I can hear it!

Anonymous said...

SO SWEET!! Tearing up myself!!

Grammy said...

Know what you mean...I get a lump in my throat every time she tells me, "I very really love you Grammy because your so sweet!" She is so affectionate and sweet. What a little angel! Love, Grammy

jessica said...

ooooh! how stinkin' cute is that! :) so sweet! :)