Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tooth #2!

I knew she couldn't lose them all at school....

...but losing (pulling!) a tooth at home was not as traumatic for me as I thought it would be! E has not left the silly thing alone for over a week. Determined to get it out, ignoring my pleas to leave it alone!! So this afternoon, sitting quietly on the couch, she calmly says, "Mama...my tooth came out."
Um...OK? I take her a tissue in exchange for the tiny tooth. She blots it for a minute then is up and running again. No big deal. Will they all go this easily? I'm feeling silly now that I've been dreading it so much. So far, not so bad!

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Grammy said...

I am so proud of Emma for being so brave! I can see her now...helping Ally when she starts losing her teeth! She is such a "grown up" little girl! I love her so much and she never fails to amaze me!!! Love, Grammy