Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Tonight, amidst our usual dinner chit chat, Miss E surprised me by several times solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzle (or at least a word or two of it) while the contestants were still calling letters. She also started quizzing me on some quick 2 and 3 number addition problems. I would stall for a few seconds, giving her time to announce the answer. I guess she could tell I was impressed, because then came this conversation:

E: I'm tired of all this boring work. I like fun work. And I can do FIFTH grade work.
me: Really?? Who told you that?
E: No one. I just know it.
me: What kind of work is Fifth grade work?
E: You know, like fun stuff. Not boring stuff.
me: What do you mean, boring stuff?
E: Mo-om! You know! Kindergarten work is boring work!
me: What is boring that you do in Kindergarten?
E: All we do is matching...counting...ABC order.
It's all boring. AND it's all Nonsense!

And then comes this gem (she'd die if she saw this-so don't tell!):

As she was dancing in her seat, chanting something about yummy lasagna, E stopped suddenly and said, "Oops! Excuse me!"
I didn't think much of it, and answered that she was excused.
She felt she needed to admit that she "accidently tooted", but was proud that she "just said excuse me, and didn't say (jeering and pointing to innocent Miss A) 'It wasn't me, it was he-r!' - not even in my brain!".


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Grammy said...

Emma is so smart and no doubt she gets bored with kingergarten work...most likely be bored with first grade work as well! She never ceases to amaze me. I am so proud of her. Love, Grammy