Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yes, I'm going to vent. Get it all out. Maybe I'll feel better. I have so many things I could be, should be blogging about. My little trip to CO to bring back preggy sis and her two pups....our fun weekend and my exciting return on Mother's Day...enjoying a field trip with E and special time with Miss A...the list goes on. And I will get to these things. But first, I need to vent. I'm getting all worked up just starting this. And I know I'm making much ado about, well-you know the phrase. But it's not nothing to me, and I'm vowing now never to let "things go" as I seem to have done this year. I'm sure some of you see this coming-I'm talking about Kindergarten. Oh, the joys.

I think what started my most recent stress was a revealing ride to the aforementioned field trip. Another mom mentioned to me that her son told her, that he had been "kissing E". Um...."WHAT?" was pretty much my response. So she says that he said he kissed her on the mouth, but when she (the mom) asked the teacher about it, the teacher said he also kissed her on the belly. Yeah.
So I'm most upset that I wasn't informed. I mean, the teacher knows me well enough by now! I'm the mom that voiced her disapproval about the love notes being passed to my E from a student in another class. I thought the frequent deliveries, and content, were inappropriate for Kinder kids, and that he surely could find better things to do with his class time than bring notes to E! Yes, his teacher let him bring the notes over during class!!
So then the kissing comment. I asked E about it and she explained. Another girl asked the boy if he "loved" her and E. He said yes, and I guess she wanted him to prove it.
Anyway. Yesterday I called the school to ask the librarian about the Six Flags ticket that E is supposed to get for a reading incentive program she completed months ago. (the kids had to read and record 360 minutes within a certain time frame)I figured the tickets would take a while to get in, but now that it's almost the end of the year-I thought I'd check up on it.
Well, E's form was never turned in. Somewhere between putting it in her folder at home and giving it to the teacher, and the teacher giving it to the librarian, it was apparently misplaced. The librarian has no record of ever receiving the form for E, and the tickets have loooong been distributed. No way to get any more. The company is very strict on deadlines. Understandably-this is a big prize.
But our E read every. single. minute. by herself. This was months ago, when she did not have her chapter book collection built up, so she would read a small book, ask me how many minutes, and I would tell her, "three minutes!" and she would record it-title and time. And go on to the next book. Can you imagine how many books she went through? She would get a stack and just work through it. She finished over a week early-maybe two. And I actually considered at the time, hanging onto her log sheet. Afraid it would get lost in the shuffle because we were sending it in so early.
So I told the librarian I would appreciate her getting with the teacher, finding out what happened to the form, and explaining to E why she never got her ticket.

Oh no, I'm not done yet!! While talking (ok venting) to my friend M this morning, she mentions something about observing 1st grade teachers tomorrow at her daughter's school to possibly get an idea of one that might be a good fit for next year. Excited about this opportunity, I call E's school right after work to set up my appt.
Well, E's school doesn't offer this opportunity. Honestly, I don't know if every school in the district does, but I know of several that do.
And I may not take this let down so hard if I hadn't been given incorrect information early in the year about other opportunities for E. Being told that certain programs weren't available, then finding out later that they should have been.
I'm at the point now of being mad at myself. For not trying harder to be involved in her year. I have no idea what they do, what goes on. Never get anything home in her folder. Oh-I mentioned that to M too. I said "I could have offered to make a weekly or monthly newsletter for the class. Then I would HAVE to know what's going on!" Her response (you'll love this) "You don't get a NEWSLETTER??" I give up.
I never, ever, thought I would so seriously consider homeschooling. I'm a PS TEACHER!! for crying out loud!
Right now I could care less about the curriculum. She's way ahead of the curve and I have complete faith that I could more than provide in that area. The only thing keeping me from pulling her now is the experience. Well, that and, the fact that I HAVE to bring in some income at some point. But I have the best memories from my school years. For the most part. I mean, it wasn't all peaches and cream. Kids are mean-there were some bumps. But I loved being part of the experience. I was on teams, in groups, part of fund raisers and charity events, enjoyed the perks of being in advanced classes and the adventures that came with leadership roles.

Oh my GOODNESS! I know I'm being ridiculous! It's JUST Kindergarten, right?? I know that if I even turn around and read this right now, I won't post it. I'm crying over her Kindergarten year! Sigh. I'm THAT PARENT. Maybe I'll feel better after getting this out. Maybe I'll feel silly. I don't know. Maybe I'll at least realize I'm being ridiculous and MOVE ON!
One can hope. :o)


A's Momma said...

I think you are totally right to be upset. More people should be
THAT PARENT. All kids would benefit from that. Good luck. I know whatever you decide will be the right decision for E. By the way, that's so great that she read all those books and so awful that she missed out on her ticket :(

Mihills Family Blog said...

You are NOT being ridiculous at all. Especially about the inappropriate "kissing"!!! I would most definately take that further than the teacher. Someone needs to be accountable for that!!!

I am so sorry about the Six Flags ticket. I've been volunteering at our neighborhood elementary school library (our church adopted them) and I was recently helping the librarian with her list for the Six Flags tickets. She was SO careful to be sure that everyone was accounted for. She talked about how easy it might be for someone to be missed and how disappointing that would be.

I know you would do an excellent job of home schooling...but I think that home schooled kids miss out on a lot. And Emma is so smart...she'll do fine whatever the drawbacks of public school might be.

And if I know you at all, you won't let another year go by like this one!! You are your mother's daughter!!!!! ha

Love you all,

Aunt Debbie

The Mom said...

You are an awesome mom to be making sure the school is being held accountable for various things. They need to be! Hopefully it will be better next year! I am sure you know now just to stay on top of them. Kinder shouldn't be that stressful!! Kissing? Grrooooaaaaan!! I am NOT looking forward to this!