Saturday, October 11, 2008

B is for Blog

Okay, okay! Since I have now seen several posts on friend's blogs about things I have planned...I guess I should get my rear in gear and blog myself!

Where to begin??

We had lots of fun with our letter B events the last few weeks.
I think it all started with our Bubbles! Bubbles! playdate at a really cool park. We used traditional and non-traditional bubble tools, with traditional and non-traditional bubble solutions. We had the usual bubble wands, etc. but we also had fly swatters and colanders! We tried some colored bubble mix (didn't work so well!) and some other home-made mixes. We had tons of fun with the bubbles, but the most fun was had in the drained out creek bed! Poor Miss A-slid down one side like a champ, but had THE hardest time climbing up the other side! I had to slide down in my flip flops and practically shove her from behind! She finally made it and joined the band of pirates (I think it was pirates-these kiddos had lots of pretend plays going on) at the top.

Oh-this may be my favorite shot. Our friendly neighborhood "Momarazzi"!

And did I mention there were donkeys?? Such a fun place!

I put together a neat park playdate where we made binoculars with TP holders. The kiddos painted them their color of choice, then played while they dried. During this time I hid all sorts of things from home I had hauled over that start with the letter B! I had a baby in a tree...a bear in a bush...a balloon tied to a sign...a bow on a branch, and much more! The kids were SO cute running from place to place, searching then finding 'B' items with their precious binoculars! It was so much fun to watch. Here are a few pics I got.

Miss A seriously passed out like this. I unwound the binoculars from her neck, but she held on to that balloon for her entire nap. Crazy!

Miss A played host to her cooking group a few weeks ago. And keeping with the letter B theme, we made Bran muffins!
Oh, I'm sorry-I cannot blog this without stressing how annoying I was about the letter B. Any word that started with the letter B, I preceded with the buh-buh sound. And I promise you, you have NO IDEA how many words you might say in a one hour stretch that start with the letter B!
Let's see....while we were mixing the ingredients for our buh-buh-bran muffins, we could already smell the buh-buh-bread from the buh-buh-bread machine. We passed around the buh-buh-bowl so each child could participate as much as possible. We took turns, letting the first kiddo add the buh-buh-buttermilk, and the next measure the buh-buh-brown sugar. Then came the buh-buh-buh-bran flakes and the buh-buh-buh-baking powder.
Oh, did I mention this event was on my buh-buh-buh-birthday?
Annoyed yet?? :)
The moms were quick to join in, and I think (hope?) that we all had fun with our letter B day. I was so bu-buh---(sorry!) busy helping to mix and measure that this is the first picture I got!

Hey-I think they were a hit!

And finally...BONES!! Yes-Miss E hosted her age Science group last week and we brought bones! Well, they were covered in fur and feathers...
This is getting worse, right!?
We discussed nocturnal animals...animals of the night...and then dissected owl pellets! I had NO idea how much these girls would get into this! Literally! Miss E and a couple of the others were digging in with their hands! I was so excited to get these. I don't know when I did this for the first time, but I have never forgotten it. Such a super cool hands-on learning experience. I highly recommend it!

BTW, the aforementioned (and pictured) moms also have pics of these events on their blogs. And they're MUCH better than mine. Check 'em out!

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Grammy said...

Jenni...a natural born teacher!!!!The things you teach your children and others is priceless! Some day a school is going to hit a gold mind when they get you! Love, Grammy