Monday, October 6, 2008


Muffin Tin Mondays!

I saw this idea on a blog about a month ago, then again on a friend's blog. Very cute, and a great fun way to try new foods. I do mine as our after school snack to let Miss E get involved too.
This week I don't think there was an official theme. I saw this orange theme from a comment on the original blog, and decided to steal it!

From left; baby carrots, sweet potato veggie chips, veggie chips, baby carrots, orange sunkist jelly beans, tangelo, tangelo, jelly beans, orange bell pepper, cheddar cheese, bell pepper, cheese.

Both girls tried (at least licked) each item. Miss E liked the bell pepper, Miss A ate one thinking it was a carrot and was not pleasantly surprised...! Miss E ate most of her tangelo. She's always been sort of hot and cold on oranges and the like. Miss A licked it, made a sour pickle face, and didn't try it again. Baby steps...

Last week's theme was shapes, so we stuck with circles/spheres. A great opportunity to discuss three dimensional shapes, and why grapes are not circles, but spheres!
We had grapes, circle cookie cut cheese, circle cut apples, mini rice cakes, and melon balls (cantaloupe).

And...for some reason I can't load the photos, so I leave it at that.


J. Nalley said...

Did they eat the jelly beans??

Jenn said...

well of course!!

Grammy said...

My favorite would have been the jelly beans...Emma always been good to try different foods, Ally not so much. She has my sweet tooth. Today she spied the mini marshmallows, and said she wanted some, so I said we would see if she ate her lunch. It started out being one, then went up to three, so we settled on three, so while I was getting ready to make her a girl cheese she said she would take four because it wasn't five! By the time she ate she had forgotten all about them like I figured she would.

Stefanie said...

What a great idea Jenn!!! We're going to have to try this one over here! :)