Friday, September 26, 2008

And Fun Was Had By All!

Last weekend we all drove in to help Daddy install a much needed fence at Nana and Pops' new house! The girls were very excited to go back for their second visit, seeing how the first visit yielded lots and lots of frogs, a pesky armadillo, and a jack rabbit!
We did find a frog. Named her Jesse. But the poor frog was quickly overshadowed by a new friend. An adorable little box turtle! Named Sparkles. I have one picture of Sparkles-taken after Super Daddy found her. My camera battery died so I took most pics with my parents' camera. More to come soon.
The girls had SO much fun watching their daddy work. They wanted to help with everything! Miss E was especially neat to observe-she was asking questions and genuinely interested in what her daddy was doing.
We enjoyed the visit and had LOTS of fun. Lots of laughs-sometimes we didn't even know what we were laughing about! Gotta love those pregnancy induced laugh-till-you-cry moments!
Again, we had so much fun and can't wait to go back. Our next visit will be for the arrival of baby C! Yay!

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