Sunday, September 14, 2008

Serious Business

My Gmom sent me this pic from my sis' shower last weekend. Miss E, hard at work on one of the games-the "answer the Nursery Rhyme question" game.
There were 20 questions. The winner answered 14 correctly.
Miss E was a close second with 12 correct!


Mihills Family Blog said...

And I did NOT cheat off of her answers!!

Aunt Debbie

Grammy said...

You can tell she is doing some serious thinking...and how neat to have the second highest score! Never ceases to amaze me on how smart she is. I love this photo and glad gmom sent it to you. Love, Grammy

Jenn said...

To Debbie....
Yeah, yeah, yeah...LOL!
Love you!
You were a good sport-I know you don't mind a little ribbing!