Sunday, September 14, 2008

Magic in the Morning

Miss A was up a little too early today, so I went to snuggle with her, and possibly help her fall back to slumber. At the very least, I wanted to keep her quiet so not to wake Miss E or Daddy, on his only day off.
As we lay there, it was evident she was very much ready to wake up. She kept talking to me, asking to play and read books. And I would shush her, over and over. Finally she lay still for a moment or two and I heard a soft whisper come from the quiet. I was pretty sure I heard her clearly, but asked again, just to be sure.
Yes, what I heard was correct.

Her early morning thoughts:

"I want to be an armadillo when I grow up."* LOL!

I giggled and snuggled her tighter. What a goofy girl.

Shortly after, we heard Miss E waking in her room across the hall. Was she talking to herself?
Oh, no. I recognize it now.

And I tuned in just in time to catch the last line:

"Please don't sun-shine awaaayy...."

Ahh...what a way to start the day. :)

*Explanatory post to follow soon....


Grammy said...

What sweet things they could you not want to wake up after hearing their sweet comments and songs. They are precious and usually get up in such a good mood. Love, Grammy

jessica said...

how adorable! :) those moments make motherhood so worthwhile! :) too sweet!