Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Sorry....

I figured I'd better apologize right off the bat to my sweet baby girl for this one. She's gonna hate it later, but I just have to blog her funnies. :)

My Ally girl. The poor thing. She was on the toilet this morning. And with her, it's never a quick visit to the bathroom. She has so much trouble in this department. Anyway, knowing I had at least 5-6 minutes, I went around to the laundry room to start the washer.
Once I got some clothes in and shut the door, I could hear that she had been yelling for me at the top of her lungs!
I rushed to her with a panicked "What?!?"
And her emergency:

She tells me, with a very defeated look, "I can't get my poo-poos out, Mama. Come squeeze me as hard as you can!"

I nearly fell over! LOL!


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