Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heart Breaker

I am officially the meanest mom ever. I "grounded" Emma from all crafty projects and using any crafts supplies for a day and a half (which, mind you, was more of a punishment to me seeing how the full day part landed on a weekend).
Her reaction:

"NOOO!!!" (stomp, stomp, sob, sob) "That's not FAIR!" (more sobbing, storming out of the room...)

and then returning with:

"You just broke my heart into a million tiny pieces!!"

I couldn't make this stuff up, folks.

She stormed to her room, slammed the door, and continued to wail and yell things somewhere along the lines of "I would never treat my daughter this way if I was a mom!"

Yep. Meanest mom ever. ;)

Here's the best part. Ally went back to check on big sis, and was quickly sent out with a message for me. Which she delivered impeccably:

Her hands on her hips, eyebrows bunched up: "Mama!"

"You broke Emma's heart into tiny piece all the way to her foot!"
(picture me trying to look concerned)

and then the finale:

"You better be nice and make Emma happy. And you better be a good widdle grown up!,



Mihills Family Blog said...

You mean ole mama you!!!! That was hysterical. I think both of the girls should be in drama when they get older. They are both naturals!!

Aunt Debbie

Grammy said...

OMG...never read anything so cute! You just can't stay mad at those angels! Grammy