Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm going to throw a post together while I wait for a phone call. My week has been crazy and it's not slowing down yet. If I don't get to pics today, stay tuned...

Monday-last minute Dr. Seuss playgroup event that turned our kids into green-egg-and-ham eating, blue haired "Things"!

Tuesday-beginning of Dr. Seuss week at school. Had a class full of blue haired "Things", painted Cat Hats, ate Cat Hat snacks, played with rhymes all day. After school, had a call from MIL that she needed to be in Temple ASAP and could we come get the cats????
Drove MIL to Temple, brought cats and all paraphanelia home (except the all important scratching post...who knew??? more on that later)

Wednesday-continued Dr. Seuss stuff at school. All about fish today. Read One Fish Two Fish, graphed colored goldfish and made fish-sickles. Came home to one missing cat, later to be found IN the lining of my GOOD couch!! Swatted other cat for scratching on my GOOD couch!
Actually made a balanced meal for dinner.

Thursday-culmination of Dr. Seuss stuff at school. All about feet today. Funky Feet Day!
Got to school and realized I left my foot shaped cookie cutter at home. Drove home, got the foot, drove back to school. Read The Foot Book, and Fox in Socks. Ate Toe Jam, made foot art. Witnessed the rescue of a huge turtle in the parking lot (we named him Yertle. Get it?).
Realized I will be going to Emma's class tomorrow to help make a poster for Uncle's arrival from Iraq.....start researching ideas for poster for Uncle's arrival from Iraq...
Got home to discover that when I ran back this morning for the cookie cutter, I left my house key on the end table. Tried the back door. Locked. Tried the garage door. Locked. Luckily...remembered I had MIL's keys still in my car and she has a house key. THANK YOU!
Got in the house to find the cat in the couch again, and my heavy glass bowl with plastic fruit on the floor in front of the china hutch. I'm going to skin a cat!!

Waiting on the call from Grandmother saying she and cousin and cousin's new baby are finished with the Dr. appointment and ready for pizza dinner.

***there's the phone!!***

--------------4 hours later------------------

Took pizza to cousin's house and saw the beautiful baby. Had a nice visit w/Grandmother.
Girls in the tub. Emma convinced that she's going to make the dolphin costume for her QUEST fair when she gets out. ;)

Friday-must pack for the weekend away! Laundry, house making playdate in the AM for Miss Ally. Quick lunch then to Emma's school for poster time. We'll probably leave early to pick up visiting Grandmother and head to Ft. Worth.

Saturday-BIL's arrival at DFW around 3. Big crowd expected to greet him then head to Mom's for huge spread.

Sunday-early Easter w/extended family in Denton. Probably have 6 kids there and a total of 200 eggs.
Okay, I may have overshot, but I promise not by much. This crowd does eggs w/money, eggs w/numbers for door prizes, etc. Lots of fun for the kiddos.

Wow. If I make it back, I'll update next week. :)


Mihills Family Blog said...

Whew...I'm tired. Think I'll go to bed.

Aunt Debbie

J. Nalley said...

Hope you make it back! haha! Sorry we missed this morning. Have a good weekend.