Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Party

Emma had a pseudo-sleepover last Friday with a few of her girlfriends. I was a little disappointed at first that so many of them could not make it, but I SURE got over that quickly! Emma didn't even seem to notice once we got started that half a dozen or so of the invitees were missing.
I cannot imagine what the decibels would have topped at if everyone had showed up. Wow. Four 7 yr. olds (plus one very excited, show off little sister) can really stir up some noise.
I guess by throwing them into a room with a karaoke machine and a video camera, I really was asking for it!
We had fun. The kids decorated pillow cases, sang karaoke, played "hide-and-sleep" (a game that Emma "invented", then wrote out the rules and explained to her friends), dressed up and giggled their way through the evening. They ate pizza and made ice cream sundaes and had a very special cake (more on that in a minute).
Emma "allowed" Ally to invite one friend over, and she choose best buddy, Lil' J. He came decked out in spiderman pjs and never once seemed to care that he was the only boy. He and Ally played so well-staying in her room most of the time. He joined right in with the crafts and treats, and even took a goody bag filled with girly treats like an eye mask and a Hannah Montana pen. :) Such a good sport!

Anyway, I have ZERO pictures from the party! I did lots of filming, so I guess it's one or the other with me. I did get a picture of the cake though, and each attendee has a likeness on the cake....

That's Emma on the far left. Notice the marshmallow pillow and bubble tape bedskirt? :) The girls LOVED this cake. Seriously!

And although NO pics of the bday girl (I know, it's terrible), one of Miss A all dressed up, then one of her with buddy J in their awesome hiding spot! They were not IN her little house, but behind it-for at least 20 minutes! I don't think the big girls even knew they were playing along-no one was looking for them, and they stayed so quiet!

It was a lot of fun-AND little stress for me~thanks everyone for coming!


Jamie said...

You out did yourself with that cake!! How cool is that!

Dawn said...

OMG I love the cake!!! You did an awesome job! Glad the party was a success. :)

jessica said...

LOVE the cake! what a cute idea! :) what a fun party! :)