Saturday, March 14, 2009


Not to disappoint, my family has already managed one Easter celebration. Why pay attention to calendars? We plan holidays when they're most convenient. :)
We had some family in from Europe for a few weeks, so we decided to do our big bash a month early. I mentioned this in a previous post. And I think I jokingly said there would be approximately 200 eggs to be found between the 6 kids. Well, I was wrong. The top 5 egg-gatherers collected, respectively: 85, 84, 71, 67, and 64 eggs. I didn't add it up, but I know that's more than 200! Plus there were two little ones that had maybe a couple dozen eggs each.
This event is all about good food, good fun, and good company. We had to get on the road early this year, so we missed hot tub time, but the kids had plenty of time to swing, run around, assault each other with their mini-marshmallow blow guns (a first for me!) and feed the horses.
I saw a certain three little boys attacking their sweet and innocent great-grandmother with imaginary webs and force shield something-or-others while she was guarding the door during the "big egg hide".
I even enjoyed a leisurely swing myself while watching the kiddos dig up a dog grave. Come on, I didn't know it was a dog grave until I actually got off my rear and walked over to where they were so quietly "working". ;)
Some of my favorites:

My Girls.

The loot.

Cutie Pie.

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Jamie said...

Good Grief, that's a lot of eggs!!! How fun!