Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Big Day

For Emma's actual birthday day, we went to SeaWorld. It was quite a bit busier than the last time we went (in the fall), but I know it's going to get much worse. We managed to squeeze in 3 shows and several rides. The girls love the ShamuCoaster in the kiddie area. They also had a ferris wheel sort of thing that we did.
Our second stop was the Shamu show. We did this one in the fall and were able to walk in as it was starting and pick our seat. Not this time! There were people lining the top of the bleachers, standing in the isle, etc. Determined to find a seat, we kept going down, down, down the stairs. Until we ended up on the second row.

In the Splash Zone. Clearly labeled. You WILL get wet.

Oh Dear.

We left the place soaking wet. Drenched. Head to toe, socks and underwear, dripping hair.


Wet, like, we were the lucky bunch that, after the usual three rounds from our big whale, and after they lined all 5 whales up at the big stage in front, they called THREE of those whales back over to our section to give us one more go. THREE Killer Whales who somehow are both graceful and ginormous, with perfectly synchronized form, showered (or pelted, IMO) us with fish water.

Really? Was that really necessary??

This was a somewhat chilly day. If you're wet, anyway. It was about 64 degrees, and we were walking around dripping with 52 degree fishy salt water.
Jason wasn't as wet because he had Ally in his lap. Somehow most of Ally's legs were dry too. Emma was wet through and through, but once we took her jacket off, her thin wind pants and t-shirt dried pretty quickly.
I was soaked from the waist down and had a mop for hair. I kept my sweatshirt over me to protect what I could, and also tried my best to hide behind Emma.

Yeah, I hid-you would too!!

I had on a sweatpant like suit, so it was heavy, holding water, and sooo uncomfortable.
We tried another show and left with chills, so decided to walk to the car to eat lunch and let our clothes dry some. The girls were fine by the time we got back. I still had wet socks when we left, and my undies had not been dry for long.
And I swear I still smelled like fish. ;)

The other big event of the day was Emma riding the BIG Steel Eel roller coaster with her daddy. I never thought it would happen. I was fully expecting them to come walking back down the entrance ramp, having changed her mind.
Nope. They waited through about 5 rounds until it was their turn.
She had the biggest nervous smile as they were getting loaded in. Here's a snap of the "pep talk".

Here's a shot of the second big hill. The first one was even bigger.

How I WISH I had a picture of her sweet face when they excited the ride. Emma did not follow the crowd down the walk and towards the ramp. She came straight to her Mama. She walked straight over to me where I was waiting (a WRECK, by the way) and said....

"I don't ever want to do that again."

And here is a picture of the picture you can buy at the little booth after the ride. I was fully prepared to pay for this picture! Such a momentous occasion!
Where's Emma? She was scrunched so far down in her seat with fear, it looks like Jason is riding by himself. Ha!

A few of my faves:

Wet girls.

Watching the "Viva" show.

Riding buddies.

My smiling Sea Lion.


jessica said...

what a great day . . . love your description of getting wet . . . i did it once, on a warm day and was MISERABLE the rest of the day! you are a good sport! :)

jessica said...

and holy crow . . . a big roller coaster? i would have been a nervous wreck too!