Friday, February 5, 2010

And This Little Piggie Stayed Home

The girls had their "Winter Break" this week, and for once we actually had some semi-wintry weather! Very different from previous years!
This year we had lots and lots of rain and cold temps. We did not leave the house for 4 days!! And I loved it. I thought the girls may get a bit of cabin fever but they really did fine. We had lost of P.J. time and just played and watched movies and hung out.
We did a few "special" things while at home.
I gave the girls each a spa pedi! Complete with the foot soak and pumice scrub and massage... aahhh...although Emma could hardly stay in her seat. She is SO ticklish!
Emma made a batch of cookies in her new EasyBake oven from Santa. Ally declined. She was drawing. Oh, the piles and piles of paper that girl leaves around from her "drawings" and "lists"! Another post...
Anyway, a very short and sweet post. TRYing to get back in the swing here. Hang in there!

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