Saturday, February 6, 2010


The girls had their first sleepover! Well, a "half sleepover", as our friends called it. Friends A & J came over around 6 and stayed for dinner and some fun! The favorite things of the night were the kitchen area (they played restaurant and house and doctor all at the same time it seems!) and (surprise?) coloring! They colored for at least 40 minutes! Oh, and JMan schooled all the girls at Star Wars DS!
They got changed to pjs and ready for bed then went to bed for half the night. Sort of. Mom and Dad came around 11 to get them, and Ally and her buddy had only been asleep for about 45 minutes! They were hilarious. The big girls were talking up a storm but I couldn't hear them. In Ally's room, I still have the monitor hooked up so I can hear her holler for me every night (every. single. night. at LEAST once) to take her potty. I digress.
SO, like the sneaky mom I am...I sat by the receiver and listened to Ally and J talk away. They were precious! They discussed what they are going to be when they grow up. Ally, a vet, J an astronaut. They discussed their favorite sleeping positions and their favorite and special animals to cuddle with each night. Ally is apparently very excited about her bday party (coming up quickly in a short 10 months...!) and was making sure that J would be there. He told her to be sure to send an invitation just in case he forgets. :)
What else...Ally came out to get me at one point to help find J's special Webkins that had fallen under the beds. At this point they were both squished against the wall side of the twin bed. Only taking up about half the bed. This was Ally's doing. She wanted to sleep BY J. Like, immediately by him and next to him! J started out on the pull out trundle. Obviously bringing that out was completely unnecessary!
Anyway, it was tons of fun. Ally woke up to potty later in the night and told me she was worried about J. So sweet.


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