Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Graduate

Our little Big Girl graduated from Preschool last night. A bitter sweet moment, for sure! She was so excited. Telling me she was going to be in Summer School now. "Mo-om it IS summer now, you know!"(...insert eye-roll here...)

Emma's class sang a several sweet songs, were given their diplomas by their teacher, and then we celebrated with graduation cake and lemonade.

Tomorrow is Splash Day, the final day of school, then on come the summer days. Hopefully days of sleeping in, playing hard, and making lots and lots of memories. Not allowed will be any thoughts of Kindergarten, of long days without my sweet Emma, wondering what she's doing now, what she's exploring or learning without me. I have heard stories of the K teachers having some "cryers" on that big First day. I'm afraid I'll be one of them.....


Grammy said...

Emma was the prettiest graduate on stage. She sang every word of the songs and was so excited. She is growing up so fast. She was precious in her cap and gown. It was a wonderful evening and I am happy I was there. She is my angel girl.

Mihills Family Blog said...

Grace graduated last night, too. We really enjoyed their program. Jamie was taping the whole thing and just as they called Grace's name to cross the stage to graduate.....his battery went out. She is so proud! She says now she's in kindergarten and she also told her daddy the other day that now that she is 5 and Cam (her little boyfriend) is 5 they think they're old enough to get married. Oh boy, I think the worries are just beginning.
By the way, I think Jennifer will have a hard time with kindergarten, too. Her eyes were pretty red last night!

Mihills Family Blog said...

And I don't think grammy is prejudiced at all.....mammy thinks her 2 were the prettiest on stage last night, too! ha