Friday, May 11, 2007

Sweet Berries

On Monday, we made our second trip to the Sweetberry Farms. It was our first trip however, for Strawberries!! We went once last fall for the pumpkins. This time, we learned how different vegetables grow (above ground or below ground), that ladybugs are good bugs (the girls each got to "release" a ladybug onto a strawberry plant), that strawberries are harder than you think to get off the plant (I can still hear Ally calling "heeeeellp!" or "puuuull!"), and that after a hot, muggy, strawberry harvest, Blue Bell ice cream is really, really, yummy!

This one was taken by a friend. At the beginning of our trip, Ally wanted nothing other than Mama's shoulder. :)


megan said...

Okay, They are growin gup too fast. These pictures brought tears to my eyes, and now tears down my cheeks! I miss you all soo much!!!! I LOVE you all!!! Can't wait for june!!

Grammy said...

Ahhhhhhh.......what beautiful angels picking strawberries. I heard how much fun you both had, wish I had been there. Maybe I will tag along on the next outing. I love my two angels!!!

ImBlessed2x said...

Your family is going to think that I make A sad! She sees me coming with the camera and she grumps up for me ;) I have happy ones too... I swear! heh

Mihills Family Blog said...
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Mihills Family Blog said...

That last comment was from me. I deleted it because it didn't show who it was from. Sorry!
What I said was that you have 2 beautiful, precious little girls and that you are truly blessed!

Aunt "Big" Debbie