Monday, October 15, 2007

Brag Time!

Today was my first Parent/Teacher conference for Miss E. Let me say, it was unusual walking in there, trying to grasp that this was some other adult about to inform me of how my child was spending her days. A strange feeling, for sure.
My nerves eased immediately when the teacher looked up and almost seemed relieved to see me. I was the first appt. of the day, bright and early, so we could get on with our plans for Emma's day off. I think Mrs. G was still getting last minute things ready for her conferences, and when she saw me, she said, "Oh, you'll be quick. Emma is just WONderful! " Well, this I can handle!! :)
She began with the results of Emma's reading assessment. Emma is reading on a high first grade level. And improving every day. Mrs. G said she is constantly amazed by Emma's love for writing. Emma loves to write at journal time, and even made a special journal that she uses during "rest time", because she would rather not lay down. (this is another story for another time...).
I asked how Emma is fairing behaviorly and socially, and was told that she doing very, very well. Mrs. G said that she leaves Emma's name in the notes if she has to have a sub, telling to "ask Emma if you have any questions", and that Emma is very much a "Mother Hen" among her peers and table groups, helping friends with their work or reading.
I left that room feeling so proud of my little big-girl. This has not been an easy transition for either of us, but she has still managed to succeed and exceed expectations. We are SO proud of you, Emma!

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Grammy said...

I am so proud of her. Can bet your life she didn't take after her grammy, lol! I have been corrected so many times and learned so much from her, and she just started kindergarten!!! She is leader and loves taking charge...a gifted child! Love, Grammy