Saturday, October 27, 2007

A 'Specially, *Sprinkley* Breakfast Surprise!

I cannot, on paper (or blog), explain how much I look forward to the weekends. Not because we have lay around the house days, or because we have anything special planned, but for one other sleep in! These are days that I don't have to get up in the dark, I don't have to carry a sleeping Emma to my room to dress her like a limp doll while she fights to stay in slumber-land. I don't have to "hush" her every word once she does wake up, trying to let Ally sleep a little more before it's her turn. No. We can sleep until we want to wake up, eat breakfast at a normal human pace instead of having to scarf it down in an hurry to make the bus, and yes, I'll admit...we can stay in our PJs all day if that's what we choose!
So, when Ally called out around 6:10 this morning and Emma shortly followed, I decided they could manage for 20 minutes or so on their own, and that I was going back to bed. I turned on whatever Nick Jr. show was on at that awful hour, and told Emma to come get me when it was over.
Well, she came to get me alright! Came bounding in telling me, "I've made you a very special breakfast!"
Immediately, the alarms in my head are going off. What did she get into? What will I have to clean up? And more importantly: What will I have to eat???
I squashed any finger waving for the time being and made my way to the table. Ally, thankfully, was still content in front of the TV. One glance at the table showed that Emma had put alot of effort into our breakfast. Each of us had a plate and bowl, and spoon set out for our treat.
I think I'll let the image speak for itself here:

And juuust in case you can't see it well. Let me paint the picture. Pink sprinkles on whole wheat bread. Not toasted, because she's "not supposed to plug things in". OK, good choice there.
And then what appears to be innocent "Golden Puffs" cereal. I decided to start with the safe bet. My first spoonful of cereal was about two inches from my mouth when she decided to share, "the cereal has sprinkles too!" OH, it DOES?? Yes, it does!
I choked down most of that, and about two and a half bites of the bread. Our little-big-girl was proud of her self though. And she did tell me later that she wanted to make eggs, but she decided that "that would be dangerous". Another good choice. :)

Oh, and Ally enjoyed every last lick.....


A's Momma said...

That story just makes me smile through and through. What perfect memories for you all!

Grammy said...

Emma spent the day with me yesterday and she told me about a wonderful breakfast she had created!!! She said that she made it for Mommy, Daddy and Ally and they LOVED it!!! She loves to "cook" and is a big helper when we have our family dinners. Love, Grammy