Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Ally!

Wow, after almost a 2 month absence from blogging...I just cannot let this day pass un-documented. Today our baby turned 3 years old. I can hardly say it aloud. It can't be true! My baby, my youngest, is Three! Even though we had her party over the weekend, nothing really hit me until today. Today it's official. And so bitter-sweet. She is growing up, growing more independent, and complex. And fun! She had her daddy and me in stitches last night, with all of her Ally-isms, showing out after big sister went to bed.
I made some special cupcakes for her to share at school today. The Preschool has a Circus theme this year, so I thought these were appropriate (and I may have had more fun making these than the kids did eating them!):

Ally enjoying her treats at school:


Grammy said...

What awesome cupcakes!! I know the girls got a kick out of them when they got up this morning. Ally is precious and growing up so fast...and seems all at once! She tickles me all the time with her little comments and is getting to be quite the little show off. She is a little angel. Love, Grammy

Mihills Family Blog said...

I'm a terrible great-aunt. I didn't get a card in the mail...but I didn't forget it was her birthday. She's on my calendar and I thought about her little sweet self. I'm with you..I can't believe she's 3 either. And I can't believe all the others are getting so big so fast.
We need to savor each moment because time goes so fast!

Love you,

Aunt Debbie

PS The cupcakes are precious!!

Megan said...

You have to teach me how you do it!! You are so good at making treats! Lane's ship cake, Ally's Cow cake and now these wonderful yummy cup cakes!!! You are amazing!