Friday, November 2, 2007

A Day for a Dig!

This was such a fun day for Ally and me. We were supposed to meet some playgroup friends downtown for a dig at the Dino Pit (it's letter "P" month, and we were going with a "prehistoric" idea), but all of our friends were either under the weather or chickened out due to the chilly morning :). I almost always travel anywhere out of town ("town" being the LCP area) with my good friend, M. I'm not afraid of taking on the big highways or the sky high flyovers, it's after exiting the fast paced routes that get me. I can't keep straight all the one ways, this ways, that ways, and no ways! I cannot go anywhere without at least one wrong turn. Today it was two (even after a call to M to double check the exit #), but we got there....and we had so much fun!
It was neat to just be Ally and Mom. I let her lead the way. We ran down dirt paths, walked across dry creek beds, dug for about 30 minutes for dinosaur bones before a herd of elementary school kids on a field trip took over. Then we visited the rescued animal area, and the reptile/amphibian/arachnid house with all the creepy crawlies. We had a little snack lunch then loaded up to head home. We visited and looked at the sites over the long-ish drive to keep A awake in the car. She talked about our adventures of the morning and told Daddy about it later. A really neat time!
Oh, and I took a *few* pics.... :)

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Jill said...

SWEET!! You should have posted them on the play group site! Even if no one did show up! Glad you had a good time!