Friday, November 16, 2007

A Long Week!

Oh, where to begin?
Our Thanksgiving feast and program was scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week (Nov. 15&16). So of course Monday, Nov. 12, I woke up feeling really lousy. Achey all over, an incredibly bad sore throat, and just no real appetite.
I chose to ignore it.
I had plans.
I was going to E's school to eat lunch with her and then serve in the cafeteria to the rest of the school. And I did.
E was so proud to have us there! After we were served and seated, she says, "Mama, I would like you to meet Charlie.", and gestures to the quiet blonde boy sitting next to me. (pause enough for me to say hello and nice to meet you to Charlie, then continues) "Charlie, I would like you to Mom."
How Sweet is she!?! I was so proud of her good manners!
Anyway, I didn't eat much, then stood on my feet for over an hour all decked out in a plastic apron, gloves, and hairnet! and was in charge of the dressing and roll distribution. I felt good about my contribution for the day, headed home to clean up and change, and get ready for a craft playdate at the park after school.
Had to wake A at 3:30 to go to the park. She was not happy about this, but we were bringing the craft supplies, so we had to get there.
Once we arrived and she made it to the swing, she was ok. Until she had to get off of the swing. Not ok. After kicking and screaming, wailing, and some attempts at pummeling...she settled down and had some more fun. She and the other kiddos took an impromptu hike up a really big hill and long path, running, falling, rolling down and getting really worn out. Fine with me, I thought-easy to bed tired kids-'cuz I'm really not feeling well (but still ignoring it).
We get home and I crash on the couch. Tell Miss E to make herself some cereal and something else for dinner and scrounge something for A. Somehow got the kids bathed and in bed, called J to tell him to grab something to eat on the way home, that I was in no way up to cooking.
I fell into bed feeling pretty much run over. Take a load of Motrin to try to dull the knives I feel in my throat every time I swallow.
Wake up a little after midnight and make a run for the bathroom-and so begins the vomiting. Which continues about every hour on the hour until about 9 AM.
Ruth came over to get E to school and entertain A for the day. J called in sick for me around 6, when he got up.
Remember our program this week?? yes....oh, the phone calls I got...."do you have lesson plans ready?", "where are the CDs?", "do you have a copy of the lyrics for the 3s song? they don't seem to know it very well.", "can you copy and email the sign language descriptions for the 4s song?", "we changed the 3s song to something easier", and then..."will you be in tomorrow???"
"I think so", I reply-"I haven't thrown up in awhile"..."but my throat is killing me!"
Ahhh...."you might have Strep".
Oh yes, I had Strep. Seriously. For the first time in 15 years or more! Not fun.
So I call my connections (thank you, Aunt D!!) and get some meds and am on the mend. But, I can't go in the next day. Not until I'm on the meds for 24 hours. So I have zero time with the kiddos before we perform on Thursday. Trying not to stress.
I make it to work and we do get to rehearse during the morning assembly. Not too bad. And it really went ok.
I was the only one singing during the 2s performance. One sweet pea did a couple of the movements for our turkey song, but did not sing. And another raised her dress over her head about 6 times. :) A stood on the stage for the first song, then matter-of-factly walked down the three stairs and plopped in my lap for the 2nd song. She's never been much of a follower. :)
And the 3s and 4s did really well. I was very proud. All of the parents enjoyed the show and the special goodies we made for them.

And I survived another week.

Did I mention we hosted a cooking playdate too?? another post....

TGITB!!! (Thank Goodness it's Thanksgiving Break!)

Miss E and her Grammy in line for the Tday "spread".

The Line Up, Day One.

Little A really enjoying her Pilgrim Hat cookie.

My Turkey.

Little A and her Grammy, Spread #2!


Grammy said...

I enjoyed being able to be at both of their little feasts! Was great for me and so much fun watching them. Emma such a big girl at school and explained the "program" as we went along for our food. Ally and I had fun sharing each others plate...she was ready for a nap so I had to sing all the way home to keep her from falling asleep...and my singing will do it!! I had a great time with each of them. Love my angels!!!!

A's Momma said...

Sorry to hear about your strep. I get it too often and I feel for you. Glad you seem to be on the mend and congrats on the successful program.