Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No More Moomies....

When Ally gets tired and doesn't want to be tired...her attempt to try and get out of her nap is to ask for a movie. Actually, it's, "I no Want to take a Nap! I want to watch a Moomie!".
Well, today she very clearly and distinctly asked to watch a Movie!!
I almost cried.
All these changes and new skills are wonderful, but my baby is growing. Let's face it. My baby is no longer my baby. I know, I know...she'll always be my baby, but she's my THREE year old baby now. Wow.

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Grammy said...

I feel the same way...our baby is growing up. Talked to her on the phone this morning and understood every word. She is so smart and loves her movies and books. A joy to be around and she tickles me so much. Love that baby!!!