Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Happy Birthday

"Dear Ward". This is Ally-ese for "Dear Lord". She followed up our dinner prayer with one of her own. E always does this-has to add her own touch after Daddy finishes. If he says, "help those that are sick, we're thankful to be healthly", etc. Miss E will pipe in with, "but Dear God, please help me with 'the allergies'".
Last night, following big Sis, Miss A says, "Dear Ward, thank you for dis food, thank you for Cwismas, and I get some pwesents, and can I have more cheese, please?"
We tried so hard to hold in the laughter! She was so proud of herself!
Miss E, on the other hand, added this: "Dear God, Thank you for Christmas, and I hope Jesus has a Happy Birthday". Well, that was enough to make me cry!
Got me thinking that I need to thank God more often myself, for the things that I'm blessed to enjoy in my daily life. My family-Wow! What a blessing!
My life is filled with love from so many people and places-and I'm sure I sometimes take this for granted.
As we celebrate the Christmas season this year, I will remember to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday too, and to thank him for the gifts he has given me. And for allowing me to give back.

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Jill said...

I love children's prayers! They pray for the best stuff! I always feel like God is smiling with me when I watch my girls pray!