Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Sweet Sicky

Poor Miss E! She started complaining of a sore throat last Saturday. Sunday I finally looked, and sure enough her tonsils were huge and had the white pockets. A sure sign of Strep. We got a Rx called in, and thought she was surely on the mend. Back to school on Tuesday, right?
We're on our 4th day home from school today. Tuesday night, I checked her throat because she was still complaining. Usually the antibiotic knocks out the pain by the 2nd day with Strep. I was shocked to see that everything was much worse! A call to the Dr. determined that she needed a stronger prescription. So we were back to ground zero. This morning she's still all swollen up and tonsils look the same as Tuesday night. We just took the 2nd dose, but it's only a three day dose! I'm hoping to see lots of improvement by this afternoon.
Meanwhile, I emailed her teacher and hinted that E would love some Get Well cards if any of her classmates had some free time. That afternoon she sent home a whole folder filled with cards and well wishes with a neighbor boy. E was thrilled! She read them all and went straight off to write a Thank You note. This is what it said:

To mi (she insisted it was better spelled this way) good friends.
Thank you for mi botiful get well cards. Love "E".

How sweet is she???


A's Momma said...

What a wonderful thank you note Miss E! Feel better soon. Strep is the worst :( A and I are sending you get well wishes!!!!

Jill said...

Poor girl! Hope she is feeling better soon!

Grammy said...

I missed not being with you today angel girl! I am hoping that you are much better. You are so brave...never complained and so sweet the entire time I was keeping you. Will check on you tomorrow honey and see you Sat. Love Grammy