Friday, December 7, 2007

Wastin' Time

Though I rarely am satisfied with the details, I ask Miss E every afternoon about her day at school. Today she had a "good" day, got "purple" (the top level of the behavior chart), and got "accidentally" kicked in the eye at recess. Then she tells me, "but I just wasted all my time at free centers". Free centers is a free play/imaginative play time they get each afternoon, I think, before packing up to come home. This "wasting time" business didn't sound like a good thing to me, so I asked what she meant by that. She said "I just wanted to write."!
E's teacher has said to me several times before that E has a "passion" for writing. She LOVES to write. Really. She is always writing a letter, a list, an invitation, an idea...anything!
So today at school instead of taking advantage of her free play time, she sat at her desk and wrote her Christmas list, a list of all the boys and girls in her class (with a handmade graph), and charted the weather for the week. And she was VERY proud of her "quality work"! Crazy Kid!
Now just to work on spelling and penmanship.... :)

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Grammy said...

Emma, I am so proud of you! I think you will write books love to tell stories and write and so good at it. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work! Love, Grammy