Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cinderella, Cinderella....

I was trying to get some cleaning done today (which always seems the case and I never have anything to show for it) and was once again telling E, "after this, THEN I'll play ________ ". She huffed and said something about me always wanting to clean and she just wanted to play. I retorted with the usual, "Well, maybe if I had some help... etc, etc.", and just maybe, if she did help, I would finish faster and be ready to play.
Apparently this had a little bit of appeal, so I gave her a bottle of vinegar-water and told her to go to town on her bathroom sink.
I had to share the pics. That vinegar is a super cleaner, but Miss E thinks it has a terrible smell!!


Grammy said...

Cinderella has nothing on your little helper. What a precious angel helping her momma clean.

Mom said...

Tell little E that using vinegar is the "green" way to clean. I sure could use her help here.
love you all!!