Monday, March 31, 2008

So Soon!?!

E has had a loose tooth for awhile now. I was sure it had at least a week to go...and I was SURE that she would be a squeamish little thing about it and let it hang on by a thread until it just fell out.

Wrong on both accounts!! E came FLYing off the bus today with a toothless grin a mile wide. Said she pulled it out during her rest time.

She got right to work on a letter to the Tooth Fairy (a cute idea I stole from a fellow blogger!), and even included a cute "powem"! I wish I could get across on "paper" how she sang it to me in a little tune. The sweetest thing!!
Also included in this picture is another note she added later. After she had been in bed for about 20 minutes, E walked out of her room and came to me with a sad tear streaked face! The more she thought about it, the more she didn't want to give up that little tooth! So she took it out from under her pillow. Then worried that the Tooth Fairy would not come/would not see the tooth/would not leave her any treasure if she didn't give up the tooth...and on and on and...!! So she added the last note, then went back to bed.
(remember, you can click on the pictures to enlarge)

Alas!! The magical fairy came, and left E a silver dollar! E knows these are very rare and was VERY excited to find this! The Tooth Tairy also left a wonderful letter for E.

What a fun surprise!


Grammy said...

What a beautiful smile!!! You can tell that she is so proud of herself. And pulled it by herself! I am very proud of her. She is such a amazing child. The notes she wrote were awesome and what a special memory you made for her. Can't wait to see that tooth! I have several of Jason's in a little wooden box. You will have to log in her baby book each tooth she looses. Can't wait to see her "new" smile! Love, Grammy

Mihills Family Blog said...

Tell Emma I think she is such a big girl to have pulled her own tooth. She and Grace should have their own club. Her smile is beautiful with her missing tooth!!

Time is passing so quickly. Enjoy these precious times with your girls. Trust me....they will be grown before you know it!

Lots of love,

Aunt Debbie

A's Momma said...

I LOVED the letter the tooth fairy left. I have already told A that the tooth fairy and mommy have a deal. After she loses a tooth, the tooth fairy will leave something under her pillow, and then will give the tooth to mommy to keep. I had to come up with an explanation for how I would end up with the tooth :) Wow, way to go Big Girl E!!!!!!

Mollie said...

OMGosh I puffy heart her letter she wrote!

Ur framing that for the family room right?? LOL

Mom said...

I so enjoy reading the new items and seeing the pics. I can't believe she pulled her tooth at school...but I can understand it was done during "rest your brain time".
I love A's horse.