Monday, March 31, 2008

T is for Trail Ride and Trail Mix

We are now on letter "T" in our playdate events. So hard to believe we've been going strong for 20 months now!! And not at all lacking for cute activities. My friend, J, hosted an event for the kids to make stick horses and we made a potluck trail mix. J is a trooper, too-this event was scheduled to take place at a local park. A great park for "trail riding". :) However...last minute weather changes forced us to move indoors. Hmmmm... 13 kiddos running around, riding on swords?, I mean, stick horses...?? Glad it wasn't at my house!
I'm only joking-the kids did remarkably well. No injuries, and relatively few "fencing match moments"!
Little A loved her trail mix. Well, the M&M/yogurt raisin/choc. chip part. She lovingly left the cheerio/pretzel/regular raisin part for me. :)
She also loves her horse. She named it "Emma". Note the carefully drawn mouth and "hair". And her name near the bottom right. I don't remember helping with the "A"...but it looks really good...(is that terrible??). Really, I think she did the first three letters, then I helped with hand-over-hand on the "Y". Big girl!!!


Grammy said...

I can tell by the photo that Ally made the best stick horse. What a cute idea. She is so darling posing with her stick horse. She is growing up too fast. She is the prettiest little girl! To be so close I am so far away. Love, Grammy

Mihills Family Blog said...

What a great horse, Ally!!! I love riding horses, too. I hope we get to ride horses again at our next reunion in July!!

Love you,

Aunt Debbie