Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VBS '08

Another great year of VBS has come and gone. I love, love being a part of this! It is so amazing to see the kids so eager and receptive to learning and worshiping. I know, it's alot of fun and games. And the most exciting part is when the life size rooster ("Booster") appears at the end of each night...BUT they really do get something out of it. Miss E would retell the stories and the lessons each night. Miss A could name the main characters and get some details from the lessons. I could talk to Miss E about the meaning of the stories and how we could practice these in our own lives.
It's just such a magical time for the kiddos. All year long, their told to "sit still", and "be quiet" in church, and this is a time, just for them, to yell!, sing! and get a little crazy! and have fun with worship.
Here are some shots from the week:

This Little Light of Mine!

In class (yes, she's the only one standing...)

Snack Time! And, Sing it Girl!

Miss A and sweet Miss M

Dear God, Thank you for my Freeze Pop...

I know! I know!

It's Booster! Here he comes!

And there he goes...notice even some of the kids are plugging there ears. Yes, the scream were THAT loud!

And by the third night, I pull in, and look back to this:

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Grammy said...

What fun they had! They deserved that mini nap on the way home. That is a sweet photo! Will have to get copies of several. Ally looks so grown up! Not a baby anymore. I love those angels, Grammy